Photo Slideshow Videos

Amazing videos for your listings, only $95!

Our professional photo slideshow videos are designed for even the smallest marketing budget. A budget real estate video or budget holiday rental video doesn’t have to compromise on quality. Our cheap listing video service fills the gap between poorly produced owner/agent videos and professional quality videos that require a film crew, home visit and are usually upwards of $500.00.

Real Estate, Holiday Rental & Hotel Videos for $95.00!

We can create professionally branded ‘slider’ style videos for under $100. These are perfect for property listings when selling or renting a home, for holiday rentals/lets or for your local business or tourist attraction. These can be further enhanced by Google earth overlays, extra video content & professional voiceovers. All done within 24 hours.

Professional Videos on a Budget

Here’s what’s included with each video….

1-2 minute in length

Branded version + clean version (for, AirBnB etc)

Location map & marker

Choice of designs & layouts, animations & transitions

Subtitles highlighting main features

Wide choice of royalty free background music

Personalised details for each owner/sales agent

Upload direct to your Youtube account with title/description/meta data

Full service, just send us the listing URL we'll do the rest

Phone & email support, delivered in 24 hrs

Professional voiceover artist + $85

Get in touch to book your 3D virtual tour & walkthrough video for your Western Australian business and discuss ideas of how you can build VR into your marketing plans and reach potential customers in a completely new way.
Photo Slideshow Videos
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