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HIVE (Highly Realistic Virtual Environment) Domes are immersive 360° ‘Shared VR’ projected spaces that can be used to display a range of content from 360 videos to game engine driven walk-throughs. Based in Perth, Western Australia, we can provide a way for your clients & staff to have a highly immersive virtual experiences without the requirements of VR headsets and in a group based setting. Increasingly popular these shared virtual immersive experiences are perfect for training, stakeholder meetings and showcasing your company’s latest projects.

It’s a shared experience – which is great for events

Highly immersive virtual environment with no headsets required

Works perfectly with game engine, 360 video & tour content

Compatible with all your CGI, CAD and BIM content

Simulations can be more immersive, versatile and affordable

Bring meetings & training to life in these collaborative spaces

Create unforgettable virtual spaces for events and experiences

Range of options from domes, cubes, cylinders, and custom-builds

Ideal for training, education and familiarisation

Explore virtual planned spaces with groups of clients/customers

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Projected Shared VR Domes

This unique full-scale immersion system allows groups of people to experience the positive effects of VR without having to wear headsets – which can be awkward when dealing with larger groups as well as sustaining meaningful conversations. The pictures below show the clarity of a display and the interior refinement that ensure this avoids the sort of discomfort and claustrophobic feelings that have always cut short dialogue in the older (dare I say prehistoric) CAVE and projection room set-ups of the past.

At 3D Walkabout we employee an award winning team of 3D modellers, CGI artists, game engine developers, animators, 360 videographers,  photographers, editors and designers that can help create a wide range of visualisation experiences to run within the HIVE shared VR domes. All the content we create for clients can run in traditional VR headsets and within the projected domes. Here are a few examples from recent projects completed in the property and resources sectors.

Experience a virtual environment, without the need for headsets

Our Partners

We have a highly experienced team of CGI artists who work with a wide range of the world’s leading rendering engines.

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