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Virtual Reality for Architects

VR, AR & game engine development for architects

Virtual Reality for Architects

We specialise in creating cutting edge VR and AR experiences for off plan developments. Working with some of Australia’s leading architectural firms we help to cross the gap between traditional architectural software and practices with new immersive VR, AR and game engine driven content. Our unique blend of game developers, architects, 3D modellers and designs mean that we can assist you in providing your clients with a wide range of immersive, engaging and interactive 3D/VR/AR experiences to help them visualise and ‘feel’ their planned development. We’ll work with your in-house team to help bring your designs and hard work to a (virtual) reality.

We are AR & VR architectural specialists

Dedicated team of experienced game developers

Residential & commercial design experience

Working with Australia's leading home builders

Bespoke VR, touchscreen & mobile platform

VR/AR consultancy & support services

What we do

We create high-end real-time rendered interactive virtual environments for VR, PC and Touchscreen. Working with your team we will utilise any existing CAD or BIM files that have been generated for a project, import them into the game engine and add a layer of custom interactivity to allow your client to have an incredibly immersive and engaging experience. We’ll advise on hardware, help with set up and training and ensure that your firm is at the cutting edge of what is currently possible.

VR Walkthrough

We create room scale high end VR experiences, matching every detail exactly to your design specifications. Blow your clients away!

Screen Walkthrough

Perfect for a client consultations, let your clients explore the space on a PC or touchscreen

Fly-through Videos

Perfect for all marketing channels complete with branding, music & subtitles. All shot in beautiful 4K resolution.


Save time and money creating renders & floor plans. We provide unlimited photo-realistic renders for FREE with every build.

Change Finishes

Easily change textures and design elements in real-time to speed the design consultation and client approval process.

360 Pano Tours

Point to point VR tours perfect for viewing in a browser or offline on any device including Google Cardboard.

360 Renders

360 equirectangular panoramic renders & stereoscopic 360 renders for viewing online or through VR headsets.

Staff Training

We'll help get hardware/software set up and train staff. Ongoing telephone & email support is included.

Why VR?

VR solves a huge problem marketers have around engagement and awareness for the following reasons.


Not only can clients & colleagues walk or fly freely through the space in a room scale VR but you can change textures & design elements in real-time

Save Money

Real-time rendered virtual spaces combined with high-end VR headsets can save time and money in the design and consultation phases allowing quicker and more efficient decision making.


Mobile VR headsets and high-end VR headsets can go to your clients. Easy to set up and experience allows for much more flexible, interesting & productive client meetings and presentations

Happy Clients

Improve the client consultation process by adding a VR experience and allowing clients to sit in the comfort of your office and walkthrough the planned real-time rendered development

Get in touch to discuss ideas of how you can build VR into your architectural firms business plans and engage clients & colleagues in a completely new way.

Creating high-end interactive VR experiences

VR is not just for games. We specialise in creating real-time rendered virtual spaces for VR, PC and Touchscreens. Our focus is on introducing high end interactive VR experiences to the property industry that allow clients & staff the ability to freely explore and customise a future development.


Built inside a game engine designs can be viewed via a screen with a games controller or using a tethered VR headset like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. By using a game engine as a platform we are able to create a super rich interactive experience with high fidelity that allows a client to not only walk freely within the space but also change their surroundings – flooring, walls, cabinets, bench tops etc.


Get in touch with our team to find out how you can introduce interactive VR experiences into your architect firm. Our prediction is that over the next few years this technology will revolutionise how off developments are experienced. If you want to innovate and take advantage of being an early adopter then give us a call. 

Get in touch to discuss ideas of how you can build VR into your marketing plans and reach potential customers in a completely new way. We are available for demos and presentations.