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3D Rendering Perth

If you’re an experienced architect then you’ll probably remember the old days. If you needed a 3D visual representation of a finished design you had to make a physical scale model (or have one made for you). It was a costly and time consuming process. Then you had to ask potential investors or clients to make a leap of imagination and visualise the tiny model in front of them as a full scale development.


It was also possible to use sketches and hand drawn designs. But these too required an imaginative leap to grasp the scale and breadth of any project. Imagine seeing a model or drawing of Brookfield Place. It would have been hard to really capture and convey the size and impact the building was going to have. But now imagine being able to visualise what it was like to look out of the window on the top floor, more than 230m above the ground.


With due respect to the skills involved in model making, it was difficult to be that impressive at such a scale. Which is why 3D rendering in Perth is changing the concept of architectural visualisation. 3D visuals allow investors, buyers and clients to virtually step inside developments, and see in front of them what a finished project will look like, complete with details of texture, colour and lighting. And it’s all displayed in photorealistic quality – that’s the power of 3D renders. But how does it work?

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Interior Renders

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360 Panoramic Renders & Tours

Our Perth 360 panoramic virtual tours work on any device in the browser and can easily be embedded onto a web page PLUS they work with all VR headsets. A great visually engaging and immersive way for your customers to freely explore your off-plan property designs. Find out more about our 360 panoramic virtual tours

How does 3D rendering work?

3D rendering is the process of making a digitised three dimensional model and then using this to create two dimensional images. Because the model is 3D, it means you can take these images from an infinite number of angles. So, as well as front elevations and birds-eye view 3D floor plans, you can also create 2D panoramas that allow you to create virtual tours. But the benefits of 3D renders don’t stop there.


A 3D rendering company can also use the model to display an incredible level of detail. For example, a 3D render of a Highgate or Ashfield apartment development is not just capable of showing high quality images of the front elevation of the finished build. It can also show what interiors would look like in a limitless array of design styles, lighting conditions and furniture arrangements.


3D renders can be created with intricate detail showing shadow, lighting at various times of day or even the effects of environmental factors such as seasons or wind. For Perth architects looking to demonstrate the end results of their vision this is a very powerful tool. The major development projects in Perth such as Wellington Square and the East End Revitalisation posses so much more appeal because we can literally see the finished designs in front of our eyes.


The same applications are also very useful in the real estate industry in Perth. Agents are able to use renders to help clients build emotional attachments to properties still in construction or even earlier in the development process. 3D rendering allows prospective buyers to undertake virtual tours, arrange furniture, choose colour schemes and fabrics – all using software and the medium of a computer screen. Potential buyers can also revisit properties as many times as they like, without having to arrange viewings or wait until construction is complete.

Exterior Renders

Home design elevation renders, facade renders, property development exterior renders, landscaping renders and commercial property building renders & more.

Interior Renders

Residential interiors renders, commercial interior renders, kitchen renders, bathroom renders, living area renders, bedroom renders. Super high quality.


Commercial building photo-montages, residential development photomontages, drone photo-montages. Aerial photo renders, Perfect for DA approvals & to market the property location.


3D full colour floor plans, 2D colour floorplans, textured 2D floorplans, site plan 3D renders. A great way for your customers to understand the property layout & interior design..

360 Panoramas

360 renders, 360 panoramic renders. Great for sharing on social media channels and combining together into a 360 panoramic virtual tour for mobile, VR and browsers.

Furniture Renders

Our team of expert CGI artists have extensive experience modelling a wide range of furniture & have a broad library of models available

Stereoscopic Renders

360 panoramic stereoscopic renders. Viewpoints taken from slightly different angles give a sense of depth to the render when viewed through VR headsets. Immersive & engaging.

VR & AR Modelling

We are VR and AR experts and our team has extensive experience creating 'low poly' models for real-time rendering in VR & AR.

Types of architectural visuals

Using 3D property rendering software allows architects to create photorealistic depictions of both exterior and interior designs. The type of architecture visuals that are possible include everything from external 3D elevations from any angle to interior floor plans. 3D rendering is like telling a story, using various techniques to make the different components. Designers can create a multitude of perspectives that are 100% accurate and to scale. This can play a very important role in communicating the design and visual appeal of a finished project. 3D renders Perth are a powerful marketing tool.


Every architectural project involves a number of stakeholders, including engineers, designers, planners, contractors and clients. They all view the construction project from different perspectives, including safety, expense, design requirements and more. A 3D render allows there to be a shared understanding among everyone involved in a project. 3D rendering bridges the gaps between the differing perspectives, allowing greater problem solving capability and a clearer group vision throughout the project.

What does a 3D rendering studio do?

A 3D rendering Australia studio uses 3D design software to create accurate scale models of projects. Onto this they can add layers of detail according to design specifications. They can include environmental detail such as lighting, texture and colour, or showing how a property will change through the Perth seasons. All of which is done at a pixel level to create photorealistic images. They will then work closely with the designer or architect to select high quality 2D images to display the project from a range of different perspectives.


If you would like to know more about the power of a 3D render company, contact us here at 3D Walkabout by phone 1300 00 3392 today. We will be happy to explain in more detail about the power of visualisation.

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