5 ways Matterport 3D scanning can streamline the insurance claims process

by | Jun 27, 2024

Matterport 3D scanning technology is making waves in the insurance and restoration sector, specifically in how insurers approach and handle claims.

With its detailed, immersive views of properties, Matterport has massively improved documentation accuracy, speeds up inspections, and enhances communication among all parties involved. Addressing common challenges in the claims process, such as discrepancies in damage assessments and lengthy settlement times being just a few of the benefits.

We’ll be looking at five key ways Matterport 3D scanning streamlines the insurance claims process. From reducing fraud to improving the customer experience, these benefits show why Matterport is a must-have in insurance and restoration processes.

Improved Documentation Accuracy

Matterport’s 3D scanning technology has revolutionised property documentation with its ability to capture detailed, high-resolution digital twins of spaces. Unlike traditional methods that rely on photographs and written notes, which can often be incomplete or ambiguous, 3D scans provide a precise visual record.

This approach eliminates the risk of overlooking crucial details – for example, while normal photos might miss subtle structural damages or fail to convey the full extent of an issue, a 3D scan captures every aspect of a property in exact detail. This becomes even more important during the claims process, as it provides indisputable evidence of the property’s condition at the time of inspection.

This also means that the accuracy offered by Matterport reduces the likelihood of disputes between insurers and policyholders, as the 3D scans offer a clear and shared reference point.

All of this not only enhances the efficiency of the claims process but also builds trust, as policyholders feel more confident that their claims are being assessed accurately and thoroughly.

Speeding Up the Inspection & Claims Process

Another huge benefit Matterport brings to the table is the speed in which it’s able to scan and inspect properties.

Traditional inspection methods can be time-consuming, often requiring multiple site visits and extensive manual documentation. In contrast, Matterport’s technology allows for a complete and detailed scan of a property in a fraction of the time. Once scanned, the 3D model is readily accessible remotely, allowing adjusters and underwriters to conduct their assessments without being physically present at the site.

The remote access feature is particularly beneficial as it enables multiple stakeholders to review the property simultaneously, which helps to streamline the decision-making process.

Adjusters, for example, could identify and evaluate damages in a single session, cutting back the time needed to file reports and make recommendations. This means faster claims processing which allows policyholders to receive settlements and begin repairs more quickly.

This faster process not only improves customer satisfaction by minimising delays but also enhances operational efficiency for insurers.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Better communication and collaboration are always going to be welcomed in the insurance and restoration claims process.

By providing an immersive, interactive 3D model of a property, Matterport helps bring all parties together – namely insurers, claimants, adjusters, and contractors. All of them will have a unified view of the property in question, and this shared visual reference helps to remove any misunderstandings and discrepancies that often come with traditional methods.

For example, an adjuster can use the 3D model to highlight specific areas of damage and discuss them in detail with the claimant and contractors, all while viewing the same virtual space. This real-time interaction ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Plus, the ability to revisit the 3D model at any time allows for ongoing collaboration without the need for repeated site visits. This not only saves time but also ensures continuity and consistency throughout the claims process – so everyone’s happy!

Easier Claim Validations and Fraud Prevention

Arguably one of the hardest challenges insurers face is the detection and prevention of fraudulent claims. Matterport’s tech helps address this issue head-on by providing highly detailed and accurate digital records of properties.

This kind of precision makes it extremely difficult for fraudulent claims to slip through the cracks. Insurers can compare pre and post-incident scans to verify the extent and legitimacy of the damage.

For example, if a claimant reports extensive fire damage, the insurer can use the pre-incident 3D scan to confirm the property’s original condition. This comparison not only validates the claim but also ensures that the damages are accurately assessed, preventing exaggeration or misrepresentation.

The transparency provided by Matterport scans also helps discourage claimants from attempting fraud in the first place, because every detail of their property has been meticulously documented from the start.

Essentially, insurers that implement Matterport 3D scanning into their claims process gain the ability to swiftly validate legitimate claims while effectively dismissing fraudulent ones.

Better Customer Experience

Regardless of the industry you’re in, if there’s a way to offer a better experience to your customers, you’ll hang around to find out more. Matterport’s standout feature for improved customer experience comes down to the transparency and clarity it provides.

Policyholders can see detailed 3D models of their properties, making it easier for them to understand the extent of the damage and the necessary repairs. This visual clarity reduces confusion and helps manage expectations more effectively.

We’ve already talked about how Matterport can help speed up the claims processes, but this is also a huge benefit for claimants looking for a quick solution. Basically, faster inspections and assessments lead to quicker settlements, which is crucial for policyholders dealing with the stress of property damage. Knowing that their claim is being handled promptly and accurately gives customers peace of mind during what’s typically a pretty stressful time.

It’s also worth noting that policyholders will actually appreciate insurers who invest in modern solutions to improve service quality. This commitment can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, as clients feel valued and well-supported throughout the claims process.


It’s no surprise that Matterport’s 3D scanning technology is fast becoming one of the most essential tools for the insurance claims sector. By offering things like better documentation accuracy, greater time efficiency and improved collaboration, Matterport is addressing many of the industry’s biggest challenges.

As the insurance industry continues to evolve, implementing technology like Matterport’s will be essential for staying competitive and delivering the best possible service to their customers.

Summary: How Matterport 3D Scanning Transforms Insurance Claims Processing

Provides detailed, high-resolution digital twins of properties, reducing discrepancies in damage assessments and providing indisputable evidence during claims.

Accelerates property inspections and claims processing through rapid, remote access to 3D models, minimizing delays in settlements and repairs.

Facilitates better collaboration among insurers, claimants, adjusters, and contractors with shared, interactive 3D models, reducing misunderstandings.

Helps detect and prevent fraudulent claims by comparing pre-incident and post-incident scans, ensuring accurate assessment of damages.

Offers transparency and clarity to policyholders through visual models, speeding up claim resolutions and improving satisfaction and loyalty.


How long does it take to 3D scan a house?

It takes around 90 minutes to a couple of hours before your digital Matterport 3D scan will be ready for use. The amount of time spent on a 3D home scan will depend on the size and complexity of your property, so contact us for a more precise estimate.

What is a 3D scan of a house?

A 3D scan digitalises a house setting which allows someone to manipulate the objects, colours and other properties of the rooms and then store them in digital format. This allows creatives and sellers to showcase their houses online to a remote audience or even use it for animated videos or games.

What is Matterport for real estate?

Matterport allows real estate companies to produce a 3D property scan of their buildings so they can be viewed by prospective buyers from the comfort of their screens. This can retain the atmosphere of the estate, capturing its luxurious design which you have worked hard to produce.

How much does a Matterport 3D tour cost?

Our Matterport 3D virtual tours start at $350. That’s for a small space and the prices go up from there based on the total area, the complexity of the space and the exact location. To get an instant quote get in touch with our team today.

What is better than Matterport?

Matterport prides itself on being the best 3D software on the market. It works alongside hundreds of professionals who have made its software simple to use and accessible to any skill level, so making a virtual tour cannot be much easier. Its graphics are highly rendered and look almost real.

Is Matterport good for rental properties?

Rental properties can benefit from Matterport’s VR tours just as much as any other type of property. Future tenants might be unable to visit the house, such as if they are a student on a placement year abroad, so you can provide them will a fully guided 360 virtual tour online.

Is Matterport worth it for real estate?

Matterport is fantastic when it comes to creating virtual tours for real estate. Not only can it create a virtual twin of the space you plan on having the property built, but it can also place a 3D model of the creation onto the land which is almost tangible.



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