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Hey! My name is Tim Brickle and I’m the MD & Founder of 3D Walkabout. I run a team of incredibly talented & lovely people who are just itching to talk to you about all things 3D Rendering, VR, AR, MR, 3D Web, 3D Scanning, 3D Animations & AI. We’ll help make your crazy ideas a reality. So if you run or work for a business that is looking to use the latest ‘XR’ technologies to improve engagement with your customers then you are in the right place. Have a browse through the site but if you’re ready to chat then you can call us on 1300 00 3392 or send us a message and we’ll get straight back to you.
Tim Brickle
Managing Director
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Immerse your clients in an interactive, engaging & fun experience with our custom virtual reality (VR) applications. Enhance your marketing, training, and product demonstrations with this cutting-edge technology.


Augmented reality (AR) can enhance a business's marketing efforts by providing an interactive and immersive experience for customers, allowing them to engage with products and services in a more personalized way.


Mixed reality (MR) is a technology that blends virtual and real-world elements to create immersive and interactive experiences. Businesses can use MR to showcase their products and services in a unique and engaging way.


3D architectural rendering (CGI) & animation service allows clients to experience a property before it is built. These visualisations can save time and costs, whilst providing photorealistic visuals of what the finished property will look like.


3D web development can bring your website to life with immersive 3D experiences that engage and captivate your audience. Create interactive 3D models, virtual tours, and product showcases that can be accessed on any device.


3D Matterport property scanning, allows potential customers to experience a built space without physically being there. It's becoming essential for real estate marketing with applications across a wide range of industries.

Client Testimonials

David Willcox, Common GroundDavid Willcox, Common Ground

It's been great working with the guys at 3D Walkabout. They've now helped get our tender applications over the line on a number of projects. We're a proud Western Australian business so it's always good to work with others companies in WA at the top of their game.

Beth Butler, AlcoaBeth Butler, Alcoa

It was great working with the team at 3D Walkabout. The challenge was to find a unique way to engage visitors to their centre with a perfect balance of information and fun. Both the AR app and VR headset experience achieved these goals. We're really happy with the result.

Rob Sharpe, Transafe WARob Sharpe, Transafe WA

TRANSAFE WA engaged 3D Walkabout to develop the 3d virtual reality content for our safety truck project. Tim and Jamie’s knowledge and ideas gave us outcomes that met and exceeded our initial scope of work. Our project evolved along the way and custom solutions were developed to make everything function in a user friendly manner. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the team at 3D Walkabout and I highly recommend their services.

Robbie, Englehart HomesRobbie, Englehart Homes

Englehart Homes has been using 3D walkabout services for 3D exterior and interior renders to show our clients a vision of their dream home. We have found Jenny and the team at 3D Walkabout fantastic to work with, producing professional and amazing images to show to our clients, who are equally impressed.

Riccardo Musella, Reinforced EarthRiccardo Musella, Reinforced Earth

We have worked with 3D Walkabout to create a VR platform for our products. The final VR engine is really good, the graphics look great and the result is what we were looking for. Looking forward to expand the platform with further features!

Mark Welch, SwagelokMark Welch, Swagelok

We have now been working with 3D Walkabout for the past 4 years and it's been fun and exciting to see our VR training application evolve from an initial proof of concept into a fully blown working certified training platform. The challenge and opportunity with our business stems from our global distributed workforce and VR solves many of the problems that occur in training across continents.

Michael Olszewski, Selecta HomesMichael Olszewski, Selecta Homes

Their ability to create an extremely detailed visual, which is so life like, is amazing.
We are very pleased we engaged their team to develop and create our new visuals for our new brochure.

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