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3D Rendering Sydney

3D rendering in Sydney is changing the way architects, estate agents and property professionals market off-plan designs. These are industries where customers now expect high quality 3D design visualisation as standard. 3D rendering allows marketeers to create a visual representation that’s incredibly close to the finished built design. There are a host of potential uses, from assisting project managers when problem solving, helping in the decision making phase to enticing buyers through enhanced emotional connections.


From a 3D architectural rendering of a residential project in Kirribilli to new office space available at The Rocks, the 3D rendering process gives you complete control over every variation pre-build. 3D renders also allow you to produce promotional materials such as high quality 3D floor plans and to create a photo-realistic interior design renders.

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3D renders for home building facades & elevations

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Elevation Renders

Interior Renders

Floor Plan Renders

Streetscape (Multi-Unit) Renders

Commercial Renders

360 Panoramic Renders & Tours

Our Sydney 360 panoramic virtual tours work on any device in the browser and can easily be embedded onto a web page PLUS they work with all VR headsets. A great visually engaging and immersive way for your customers to freely explore your off-plan property designs. Find out more about our 360 panoramic virtual tours

How does 3D rendering work?

3D rendering is the process of turning 2D plans & sketches into 3D images using specialist rendering software. Advanced rendering platforms, such as Corona, Maxwell and V-Ray, are capable of making incredibly realistic renders. So if you are looking for 3D renders Sydney then get in touch with our Sydney 3D rendering studio today for a quote.


Our team of award winning 3D modellers use 3D rendering software to create a 3D scene from your 2D floorplans and 2D site plans. This could be a new housing development in Darling Point, a commercial shopping precinct in Redfearn or any 3D architectural visualisation. Once the development is modelled we can then capture renders  from any perspective within the scene. It could be a front elevation, an interior render, a floor plan, photo realistic 3D interior images or even 3D visualisation of a streetscape. Once the 3D model has been made there are multiple options for creating 2D renders and even 360 panoramic tours.


This 3D renders can then be altered by 3D rendering companies, like 3D Walkabout, to meet the clients needs. For example we can add extra detail, such as light sources, textures, shadow and more to create stunningly realistic 3D renders, tours and animations.

Exterior Renders

Home design elevation renders, facade renders, property development exterior renders, landscaping renders and commercial property building renders & more.

Interior Renders

Residential interiors renders, commercial interior renders, kitchen renders, bathroom renders, living area renders, bedroom renders. Super high quality.


Commercial building photo-montages, residential development photomontages, drone photo-montages. Aerial photo renders, Perfect for DA approvals & to market the property location.


3D full colour floor plans, 2D colour floorplans, textured 2D floorplans, site plan 3D renders. A great way for your customers to understand the property layout & interior design..

360 Panoramas

360 renders, 360 panoramic renders. Great for sharing on social media channels and combining together into a 360 panoramic virtual tour for mobile, VR and browsers.

Furniture Renders

Our team of expert CGI artists have extensive experience modelling a wide range of furniture & have a broad library of models available

Stereoscopic Renders

360 panoramic stereoscopic renders. Viewpoints taken from slightly different angles give a sense of depth to the render when viewed through VR headsets. Immersive & engaging.

VR & AR Modelling

We are VR and AR experts and our team has extensive experience creating 'low poly' models for real-time rendering in VR & AR.

Types of architectural 3D rendering

3D rendering has multiple uses in the world of architecture and property in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia. There are several different types of 3D architectural rendering commonly used in the industry, each with specific uses and purposes.


One of the most widely used is the external 3D visualisation. This shows the outside of a proposed building or project, creating a realistic visual interpretation of the finished design. This is particularly useful in the project approval and fund-raising stage of any project. Imagine being able to visualise and show a 3D rendering of your new Surry Hills business venture or Glebe apartment building to potential investors or buyers. Architectural visuals such as a 360˚ panorama will also help clients to gain a better understanding of the planned space.


Interior rendering is another commonly used option, especially in real estate. It allows potential home buyers and renters to visualise the interior space of a building, even when it’s just at the conceptual stage. This helps real estate agents to create emotional attachments to spaces, as well as creating marketing materials that pack more of a punch.


3D architectural renderings also make it possible to offer virtual tours and 3D animations, which can have an even bigger impact. These are also useful for the construction phase of the work, as they allow architects and builders to spot areas of potential difficulty and avoid costly issues further down the line.

How much does 3D rendering cost

The cost of 3D rendering Australia depends on the size and scale of the project. However, in general, the process can range from around $300 dollars for an interior building rendering of a residential property right up to several thousand dollars for a large-scale commercial 3D render. It all depends on the level of detail and quality of the images that the clients require.


The main cost components of 3D architectural renders is the labour involved, which in part comes down to the skill and experience of the renderer, and the quality of the hardware being used. The size & number of renders can also a big factor. A single 3D architectural render for a leaflet promoting new apartment in Balmain will require less work than a range of  billboard-size renderings for Western Sydney’s new shopping centre. If the renders are required super urgently that can also add to the 3D render prices.


In order to get the best price for your 3D render there are a few things that you can do. Provide as much clear information as possible when seeking a quote from a 3D rendering company. Standard pricing for 3D rendering services is very difficult as each project’s requirements are different. However, you need to remember that this is more a question of value than cost as a high quality 3D visuals will pay for themselves many times over. Good customer service, skilled 3D renderers and excellent communication will lead to a better project result, no matter what the cost.


If you would like to know more about 3D rendering Sydney, or for a quote for your project, then get in touch with a member of the 3D Walkabout Team.

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