Matterport Tours for Heritage Buildings


We create 3D virtual Matterport tours for historical buildings and heritage sites across Australia. Capture a digital twin of an historical asset using the latest LIDAR property scanning technology.

Heritage Buildings 3D Scanning

3D virtual Matterport tours offer a valuable tool for showcasing heritage listed and historical buildings. These tours enable viewers to explore the architectural beauty and historical significance of these structures in a highly immersive and interactive way. By capturing detailed 3D scans, virtual tours provide an opportunity to preserve and share the unique features, intricate designs, and historical context of these buildings. They allow visitors, researchers, and enthusiasts to virtually explore inaccessible areas, view artifacts, and learn about the rich history of these important landmarks. 3D virtual tours not only promote awareness and appreciation of heritage buildings but also provide a digital archive for future generations to appreciate and study.

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Benefits of using 3D virtual tours for heritage buildings & historical sites

3D virtual tours provide a digital record of the building’s architecture, ensuring the preservation of its historical features and details for future generations.

Virtual tours make heritage buildings and historical sites accessible to a wider audience, including individuals with mobility challenges or geographical limitations.

Visitors can explore the building in a highly immersive and interactive way, gaining a deeper understanding of its historical significance and cultural value.

3D virtual tours serve as a comprehensive visual documentation of the building, capturing its current state and details that may change over time.

Virtual tours offer an educational experience, allowing users to learn about the building’s history, architectural style, and the stories associated with it.

Virtual tours enable people from anywhere in the world to explore heritage buildings and historical sites without the need for physical travel.

Scholars, researchers, and students can utilize virtual tours as valuable resources for studying architectural elements, historical contexts, and spatial layouts.

Virtual tours assist in conservation efforts by providing accurate and detailed information about the building’s condition and areas that require preservation or restoration.

Virtual tours attract visitors by showcasing the unique charm and cultural significance of heritage buildings, contributing to tourism and local economies.

Virtual tours eliminate the need for physical visits and associated travel expenses, allowing individuals and organizations to explore multiple heritage sites conveniently and economically.

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How Matterport 3D tours are currently being used by heritage listed buildings in Australia

Matterport 3D tours have gained traction among heritage listed buildings in Australia as a means of preserving and showcasing their architectural and historical significance. Many heritage sites have embraced this technology to offer immersive and interactive experiences to visitors, researchers, and enthusiasts.

These 3D tours allow users to explore heritage buildings virtually, providing a detailed and accurate representation of their unique features. By capturing 360-degree scans and high-resolution imagery, Matterport tours enable viewers to examine intricate architectural details, historical artifacts, and period furnishings with remarkable clarity.

Heritage listed buildings in Australia utilise Matterport 3D tours to enhance accessibility, ensuring that individuals who may face physical limitations or geographic constraints can still engage with these cultural landmarks. Remote visitors can virtually wander through grand halls, intricate chambers, and elaborate facades, experiencing the rich history and cultural heritage of the buildings.

Matterport 3D tours also serve as valuable educational tools, offering informative annotations, audio guides, and interactive features. They provide a platform for storytelling, where historical narratives and anecdotes can be incorporated to enhance the visitor’s understanding and appreciation of the site’s significance.

Furthermore, these virtual tours are employed for conservation and preservation purposes. By capturing the current state of the heritage buildings, they assist in documenting architectural features, identifying areas that require restoration, and supporting conservation planning efforts.

Matterport 3D tours have become instrumental in the preservation, education, and accessibility of heritage listed buildings in Australia. By embracing this technology, these sites can engage a wider audience, showcase their historical value, and contribute to the conservation and appreciation of the country’s rich cultural heritage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to 3D scan a house?

It takes around 90 minutes to a couple of hours before your digital Matterport 3D scan will be ready for use. The amount of time spent on a 3D home scan will depend on the size and complexity of your property, so contact us for a more precise estimate.

What is a 3D scan of a house?

A 3D scan digitalises a house setting which allows someone to manipulate the objects, colours and other properties of the rooms and then store them in digital format. This allows creatives and sellers to showcase their houses online to a remote audience or even use it for animated videos or games.

What is Matterport for real estate?

Matterport allows real estate companies to produce a 3D property scan of their buildings so they can be viewed by prospective buyers from the comfort of their screens. This can retain the atmosphere of the estate, capturing its luxurious design which you have worked hard to produce.

How much does a Matterport 3D tour cost?

Our Matterport 3D virtual tours start at $350. That’s for a small space and the prices go up from there based on the total area, the complexity of the space and the exact location. To get an instant quote get in touch with our team today.

What is better than Matterport?

Matterport prides itself on being the best 3D software on the market. It works alongside hundreds of professionals who have made its software simple to use and accessible to any skill level, so making a virtual tour cannot be much easier. Its graphics are highly rendered and look almost real.

Is Matterport good for rental properties?

Rental properties can benefit from Matterport’s VR tours just as much as any other type of property. Future tenants might be unable to visit the house, such as if they are a student on a placement year abroad, so you can provide them will a fully guided 360 virtual tour online.

Is Matterport worth it for real estate?

Matterport is fantastic when it comes to creating virtual tours for real estate. Not only can it create a virtual twin of the space you plan on having the property built, but it can also place a 3D model of the creation onto the land which is almost tangible.