Realstudio is an interactive virtual display suite created to help agents, developers and builders market off-plan property designs more effectively.

Realstudio is a game-engine driven real-time, interactive display suite that helps market and sell off-plan property designs. Your customers can free-roam through your unbuilt property designs on any device viewing and swapping fixtures and finishes in real-time. Your customers can fully experience any future environment and start building an emotional connection to the future space. Your customers deserve more than black and white floor plans and 3D renders. 

What are the benefits of Realstudio for your business?

Display all your off-plan property marketing material in one interactive experience.

Explore every finish option to any room by swapping fixtures and finishes in real-time.

Combine lifestyle videos and 3D animations and showcase your property across all marketing channels.

An in-built camera can capture bespoke 3D renders as you explore and then easily share them with friends and family.

Window & balcony views captured and matched to any room or floor level, even display views at different seasons.

‘Free-roam’ through the off-plan space and easily navigate using the overlaid floorplan

Virtual display suite walkthroughs available for Desktop, VR and Touchscreen.

Walk or fly through the space to explore every inch of the property from every angle and viewpoint.

Fly above and around the property to get a virtual ‘drone view’ and view a ceiling ‘cutaway’ interactive 3D floorplan.

Easily view and share the property tour online & on mobile devices through the interactive 360 panoramic tour.

How is Realstudio currently being used by businesses in Australia?

Realstudio utilises the latest in game engine technology to create an immersive and engaging interactive display suite.  Game engines offer a powerful solution for creating interactive virtual walkthroughs that revolutionise the way off-plan properties are showcased. Whether it’s for VR, desktop, or touchscreen devices, game engines provide the tools to create immersive experiences that engage potential buyers and bring property developments to life.

For home builders, property developers, and real estate agents, virtual walkthroughs enable them to showcase off-plan properties in a virtual display suite. Clients can explore the property in a realistic 3D environment, getting a sense of its layout, scale, and design. They can navigate through rooms, view different angles, and even interact with elements such as fixtures and finishes.

One of the key advantages of using game engines is the ability to create a range of assets that can be utilised across various marketing channels. These assets include 360 panoramic tours for web and mobile platforms, allowing potential buyers to explore properties remotely. Additionally, the combination of 3D animations with lifestyle video footage enhances the overall presentation, providing a compelling visual experience.

Customers can enjoy the flexibility of walking through any off-plan space in real-time, providing a sense of presence and control. They can view and swap fixtures and finishes, enabling them to customize and personalise their virtual experience. The ability to capture renders from any angle and view the design from above further enhances the visual representation and understanding of the property.

By harnessing game engines, the real estate industry can leverage cutting-edge technology to create dynamic and interactive virtual walkthroughs. This not only improves the customer experience but also streamlines the sales process by allowing potential buyers to make informed decisions remotely. The versatility and potential of game engine-driven virtual walkthroughs have transformed the way off-plan properties are marketed, opening up new avenues for engagement and collaboration in the industry.

Virtual Reality Information Pack & Price List

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Realstudio be customised to match specific branding or design requirements?

Yes, each Realstudio creation can be customised to align with specific branding guidelines, incorporating design elements and maintaining consistency with the company’s visual identity.

Is it possible to view the property design from an aerial perspective?

Absolutely, Realstudio provides the option to view the property design from above, giving customers a comprehensive understanding of the layout and spatial arrangement.

Can customers capture renders from any angle in virtual walkthroughs?

Yes, game engines allow customers to capture renders from any desired angle, enabling them to visually explore and capture the property from their preferred viewpoints.

How can virtual walkthroughs created with Realstudio streamline the sales process?

Virtual walkthroughs empower potential buyers to make informed decisions remotely, reducing the need for physical site visits and expediting the sales process.

Are virtual walkthroughs created with Realstudio realistic?

Yes, Realstudio provide highly realistic environments with detailed textures, lighting, and physics simulations, ensuring a lifelike representation of the off-plan properties.

Can customers interact with elements such as fixtures and finishes in virtual walkthroughs?

Yes, Realstudio enables interactivity, allowing customers to interact with and customise elements like fixtures and finishes, providing a more personalised experience.

What other marketing assets can be created using Realstudio?

Apart from virtual walkthroughs, Realstudio can create 360 panoramic tours for web and mobile platforms, 3D animations combined with lifestyle video footage, 3D renders, and floor plans, providing a comprehensive range of marketing assets.

How can Realstudio help showcase property developments in a virtual display suite?

Realstudio enables the creation of realistic 3D environments where clients can navigate through virtual properties, visualising their layout, design, and scale, providing an engaging and informative experience.

Can virtual walkthroughs created with game engines be accessed on different platforms?

Yes, virtual walkthroughs can be created for various platforms, including VR headsets, desktop computers, and touchscreen devices, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of users.

How does using game engines for virtual walkthroughs benefit businesses in the real estate industry?

Using game engines for virtual walkthroughs enhances the marketing and sales process by providing immersive and interactive experiences that allow potential buyers to explore off-plan properties in detail.