3D Virtual Tours for Office Work Spaces


Whether you are a leasing agent marketing an office space to future tenants or a business owner wanting to showcase your space to clients, an office 3D Matterport office tour may help!

3D Matterport for Commercial Offices Scanning

When looking to take on commercial office space, a thorough assessment of the space before moving in is a necessity. Rather than simply seeing photos, a full 3D walkthru provides you with greater insight into the space. 3D scanning leading to full 360 virtual tours is an opportunity to gain this insight. 3D Walkabout is a company offering a 3D property scan and virtual inspection service, providing a Matterport tour for interested clients to fully understand the space and its benefits before renting it out from the landlord.

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Benefits of using 3D virtual tours to sell or lease office space

Clients have a simple visualisation of the room with short loading times

Presenting the room to clients further away is far simpler

Greater accessibility for differently abled clients, increasing ease of access

Increase the prestige of the seller by using advanced technology

Raise sales price as a result of reducing doubts about the space

Competitive edge for sellers thanks to higher perceived value

Providing annotations of details in specific parts of the space

Save work hours amongst staff as customers take virtual tours themselves

Measurement modes support furniture planning from the client perspective

Integrates with Google Street View for a comprehensive understanding of the premises

A Powerful Suite of Features

Transform how you market and manage your properties with Matterport’s twin digital platform.

How are Matterport 3D scans currently being used to lease CBD offices spaces?

The first way that Matterport 3D scans are being used to lease out CBD office spaces is by providing more insight into what the space feels like to be in. Companies rely on the way a space feels, with an open and welcoming environment being attractive for new employees and potential clients alike. By completing a Matterport office scan, companies sell or lease properties with a VR tour or 3D walkthrough that gives an idea of how a space feels rather than simply how it looks in a few pictures.

Another way selling and leasing companies benefit is through the use of measurements. The scan building process is in intricate detail, as it needs to be for an accurate virtual property tour. However, these become interactive virtual tours when clients input their own ideas. An office 3D virtual tour that provides measurements lets clients plan their furnishing ahead of time, making the office a more attractive prospect as the 360 tour has informed their furnishing decisions and made the transition from their current space to the new office as simple as possible. Informing clients about everything provides companies with an edge when selling their property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Matterport 3D virtual tour better than photos?

Yes! Matterport’s 3D virtual tours provide you with a comprehensive feeling of what it is likely to be in a space, rather than simply looking at it from a distance. As a seller, you can present all of the things you are proudest of, whilst viewers look at the most intricate details and make a more informed decision without having to leave their own office.

How accurate is a Matterport scan?

A Matterport scan is 98% accurate, which means that the majority of its data points are highly accurate. Accuracy decreases as the objects in the scan are further away. As a general rule, 3D virtual tours are accurate to within 1mm at a range of 25 feet.

How do you do a Matterport scan?

You can simply download the Matterport app and get started. This involves connecting a 3D camera to take in the full photosphere of the space that you are in, waiting for the data to transfer then moving on to the next area that requires a scan. The more data, the more accurate a Matterport 3D scan.

Can you upload a Matterport tour to realcommercial.com.au?

You can upload an office Matterport tour to realcommercial.com.au. This is an ideal step forward for your organisation, as you reach a larger audience with your virtual tour this way. The more people that see your office, the higher the level of demand for your property.

How long does an office 3D scan take?

An individual scan for a 360 walkthrough takes around 30 seconds, with 20 seconds for camera movement and a further 10 for running the capture app. Depending on the size of your 3D home scan or building virtual tour, you may have to do this one or two times per space.

What is Matterport for real estate?

Matterport allows real estate companies to produce a 3D property scan of their buildings so they can be viewed by prospective buyers from the comfort of their screens. This can retain the atmosphere of the estate, capturing its luxurious design which you have worked hard to produce.