3D Virtual Tours for Sporting Facilities


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3D Matterport Sporting Facilities Scanning

3D Walkabout is a 3D rendering studio that helps businesses in a range of industries to create 3D virtual tours to boost engagement and interest in their product. Australian organisations are already benefitting from 360 virtual tours of their space, such as gyms or sporting facilities. 3D Walkabout can help to create amazing sport ground Matterport tours with high-end knowledge of this advanced technology. 3D walkthrus can help prospective customers to feel familiar with your building before even stepping foot inside. Interactive virtual tours are just around the corner when you choose impressive 3D property scanning from 3D Walkabout, powered by Matterport.

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Benefits of using 3D virtual tours for sporting facilities

360 virtual tours mean that customers learn everything they need to know before visiting through a virtual inspection

Customers and employees can understand the layout and functionality of the facility

Conversion rates are increased because client expectations are set accurately

Customers are inspired to visit your sports facility, resulting in more bookings

Travel time and cost are dramatically reduced for employees because the need for site visits is reduced

Reduced travel by car and plane results in lower carbon emissions

3D walkthroughs on your website can greatly increase engagement stats

Customers with access to a building virtual tour are more likely to leave positive reviews

Gives companies better access to key success metrics to share with stakeholders

High-quality 3D rendering displays your sports facilities in the best possible light

A Powerful Suite of Features

Transform how you market and manage your properties with Matterport’s twin digital platform.

How are Matterport 3D tours currently being used to advertise recreational sporting venues?

Matterport 3D scans are currently being used to advertise sporting facilities, stadiums and grounds by a range of organisations. This often involves offering a 360 virtual tour of the facility on their website, which is free to access for users at any time. Or, they may use VR tours where a VR headset is needed. These are both interactive virtual tours created by 3D Walkabout using Matterport’s 3D property scanning technology.

This gives prospective clients a chance to experience the grounds as if they were there, getting to grips with its functionality and what facilities it offers without the need to actually visit. This helps customers to feel more confident in choosing to use the facilities, whether this is for individual use, group access or to book a major event. Matterport tours are also popular because they allow clients to get a 3D walkthrough of the facility without them or a member of staff needing to travel to the facility, using up valuable company time. Virtual property tours mean that employees can focus on their most important roles rather than giving multiple tours a day, which uses up the organisation’s resources in an inefficient way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you scan outdoor sporting areas with Matterport?

Yes, you can scan outdoor sporting areas with Matterport, including sports grounds, fields, arenas or courts. This works in the same way that an indoor building virtual tour would and can be used to create 3D walkthroughs of any outdoor area.

Can I use Matterport for my sporting venue?

Yes, Matterport can be used to create virtual property tours for any building, including sporting venues, no matter their size or shape. These 3D property scans work much in the same way as a home scan would, capturing high-quality renders of the area and putting these together for 360 tours that users can access from anywhere.