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We offer Matterport 3D virtual tours and bespoke 360 tours for Schools & Colleges across Australia. Contact us today to find out how we can help create a custom 360 virtual tour to market your campus to future students.

3D Matterport for Schools & Colleges Scanning

3D Walkabout blends award-winning extended reality technology with 3D rendering to help organisations across Australia embrace the innovations of the future and stay competitive. 3D virtual tours are just one way schools could use this technology, allowing a 360-degree walkthrough of the premises. With a Matterport 3D scan, it’s possible to accurately replicate a school or college for a virtual inspection and VR tour – this helps students or parents gain a better understanding of the buildings and their layout. This is an inclusive solution that could help children who are unable to attend open days for any reason.

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Benefits of using 3D virtual tours to market school or college

Allows students to remember the school’s layout before term begins.

More engaging to young students than simple pictures of classrooms.

Shows a clear commitment to embracing technology across the school.

Helps your school stand out amongst other local educational facilities.

Creates an inclusive, and immersive, alternative to student open days.

Lets you create guided tours that display any essential information.

Showcases the prestige of your school more efficiently than statistics.

Allows prospective students from outside the immediate area to visit.

Provides an opportunity to highlight the architecture of the buildings.

Shows additional facilities, including the sports hall or common spaces

A Powerful Suite of Features

Transform how you market and manage your properties with Matterport’s twin digital platform.

How are Matterport 3D tours currently being used by schools and colleges?

Across the country and beyond, educational facilities are using Matterport 3D scan tours. This technology lets schools and colleges take comprehensive scans of their premises and turn them into a complete 3D environment. This is ideal for replicating the rooms as they currently are, with every detail intact, ensuring that the resulting tour is entirely accurate. There are few limits with a Matterport scan – letting it create interactive virtual tours no matter the size of the school or college. This is also compatible with VR, meaning a prospective pupil with a headset can take the tour as if they are actually at the school.

Matterport offers an unparalleled level of immersion for 360-degree virtual property tours, and these accurate 3D property scans create a compelling environment that students of all ages can navigate with ease. The scans have all the clarity of a photograph but none of the limitations; allowing users to walk around the building and view the facilities from every angle. With this interactivity, a Matterport tour could engage students of all ages and let them explore at their pace. Many organisations use 3D walkthroughs, so it might be a good investment for your school or college.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add highlight markers to a Matterport school tour?

If there are particular parts of the school environment that you wish to bring to the user’s attention – perhaps to provide important information about the school – it’s possible to add highlight markers to the project. This makes it easy to convey details while still letting the user control their tour.

Can you combine Matterport tours with drone footage?

Matterport can integrate drone footage within its virtual spaces, allowing for additional data which could make the final render even more accurate. This still use a Matterport camera, as this is the only technology capable of generating compatible 3D data, providing new angles and information for the tour.

Can you use Matterport for outside spaces?

Several Matterport cameras only work inside, but some can work outside in full daylight, allowing them to create a comprehensive 3D landscape. This is a helpful component for any virtual tour, showing these facilities from the outside, and features that are available outside of lessons, such as the sports field.

Is Matterport the best option to create school virtual tours?

There are plenty of options available for compiling a 3D school virtual tour, but Matterport offers a 360-degree tour that scans an environment down to the last detail. This gives the tour a very high level of accuracy – and allows students or parents to walk around the entire environment.