XR & 3D for Training & Education


We are an Australian creative studio that creates ‘XR’ content and applications for Training & Education. We us the latest in 3D, VR, AR, MR & Scanning technologies to help organisations in this sector engage with their workforce in new and effective ways to enhance performance.

XR Technologies for Training & Education


XR technologies are revolutionizing the way we approach workforce training and education. By leveraging virtual and augmented reality, businesses can create immersive and engaging training experiences that help employees retain information more effectively. With XR, training sessions can be conducted in a zero-risk environment, which reduces the likelihood of accidents and incidents. The technology also allows for training sessions to be delivered remotely, which saves on travel and logistics costs. Whether it’s familiarizing staff with complex machinery or training healthcare workers on delicate procedures, XR technologies provide an effective and efficient solution that can help improve learning outcomes and ultimately, drive business success.

Learn about the technologies we offer for Training & Education


VR is increasingly being used as a way to effectively train workforces on complex practical tasks in a zero risk environment with massively reduced costs.


AR can help educators create engaging, interactive experiences for students to explore complex concepts and topics in a hands-on manner.


MR can be used to create interactive and immersive learning experiences, allowing trainees to learn and practice complex skills in a more engaging and effective way.


Using 3D rendering technology, educators can create interactive and engaging learning experiences that allow students to explore complex concepts and ideas.


Our 3D Web services can create web-based training tools that allow for interactive and engaging training experiences, improving knowledge retention and reducing costs.


Incorporating 3D scans into educational materials can help students better visualize and understand complex concepts, from anatomy to engineering design.