3D Matterport Tours for Car Showrooms


Give our team a call today to get an instant quote and book in your car dealership 3D virtual tour. We use the latest Matterport scanning equipment to create Matterport vehicle dealership tours. 

3D Matterport Vehicle Dealerships Scanning

3D Walkabout is a studio focussing on 3D renders and art. We can assist you with a 3D property scan or 3D home scan which creates a perfectly lifelike experience when viewed through VR. This is a great way to create 360 virtual tours, something that customers are eager to try out. A 360 walkthrough can be beneficial in a whole host of industries, such as real estate where a building virtual tour can allow clients to view houses outside of travelling distance or for tasks like a virtual inspection. It is just as useful for car dealerships that can offer 3D virtual tours to clients to show off all your greatest products.

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Benefits of using 3D virtual tours for car dealerships

Create a more engaging experience for buyers

Build a memorable impression of your company

Demonstrate the details of products as if the client was there

Show off products at their best

Reduce costs of clients and staff travelling to the dealership

Entertain clients from all over the world

Demonstrate that your company works with the latest technology

Offer tours to those with busy schedules and no time to travel

Increase traffic to your site with the promise of an experience

Prove your understanding of revolutionary industry technology

A Powerful Suite of Features

Transform how you market and manage your properties with Matterport’s twin digital platform.

How car dealerships are currently using 3D virtual tours

Using 3D scanning to create a Matterport tour is at the forefront of innovation right now. A car dealership Matterport tour can draw in a whole host of new customers looking for a unique experience. A VR tour can be used to allow customers to explore the dealership for themselves. With interactive virtual tours, they can learn more about their favourite models without any assistance.

All you need to do is scan the building with the Matterport system, or bring in a company to do this for you if you are busy, and let your clientele enjoy this groundbreaking new 360 tour. Once you have had the building scanned once, you can let clients experience this virtual property tour for as long as you wish, meaning you can present the dazzling image of your dealership without having to lift a finger. 3D walkthroughs promise a more customisable and personalised experience since the customer can go wherever they desire. In this sense, the 3D walkthrough makes each customer feel like a VIP, which is the first step to encouraging brand loyalty and convincing customers that your cars are the best on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual tour of a car?

Completing a Matterport 3d scan can allow you to offer a virtual tour of a car, which means you can allow clients to virtually sit inside the car, or even in the driver’s seat itself. This helps to give customers a feel for the car and to see all of the interior and perks for themselves.

Can you use Matterport to create a virtual tour inside a car?

Yes! You can use the highly equipped Matterport camera system to create a car Matterport tour. The virtual tour gives the client the chance to see the car from the inside, as they would most commonly experience it, highlighting all the driver’s features and showing off the interior.

Is Matterport a good way to create a car dealership virtual tour?

Matterport is a great option to create a virtual tour as it can build a seamless interior for your clients to walk through as if they are really there. It is also very simple to set up using the Matterport system, which means you can get started right away!