AR for Energy & Utility Companies

3D Walkabout is an Australian based AR studio that designs AR apps for the Energy & Utility Companies.

Augmented Reality (AR) for Energy & Utility Companies

Augmented reality (AR) offers remarkable opportunities in the energy and utilities sector, particularly in the realm of engaging the public and stakeholders. By creating 3D AR models of future planned renewable energy technologies like solar, wind, and hydrogen, organizations can vividly demonstrate their vision and garner support for sustainable initiatives. AR also proves valuable in training and maintenance processes, as it enables the creation of interactive “handbooks” that provide step-by-step instructions to training and maintenance staff. These AR-guided instructions enhance learning, improve efficiency, and reduce errors by overlaying digital information onto the physical environment.

What are the benefits of AR in the energy industry ?

Improves the training experience for new employees

Reduces cost of training

Lowers the risk of accidents in the workplace

Allows procedures to be practised in realistic circumstances

Connects aging workforce with newer workers

Makes information readily available

Increases speed of maintenance process

Saves time on troubleshooting

Facilitates less expensive service costs>

Improves efficiency of services and maintenance

How is AR currently being used by the large energy companies?

As with many industries, one of the main focuses of AR in energy production and utility supply is in improving training. When it comes to energy, AR can be used to make the training experience much more efficient as well as simultaneously ensure staff engage more with it. This leads to a much more positive outcome which improves the time it takes to train new staff as well as their ability as a result.

In everyday services performed by energy company staff, the use of augmented reality can improve safety. AR glasses can identify faults and allow for quicker as well as safer maintenance. This is also a way for workers to access documents much more quickly and be able to view them as they work.

With an aging experienced workforce, there are concerns for the energy industry; however, AR can help with this too. It allows a swift and easy connection between less experienced and much more skilled and specialised workers, allowing them to remain in the industry for longer and therefore to pass on their knowledge without being on-site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AR ecosystem?

The augmented reality ecosystem is made up of all of the stakeholders, companies, and leaders across industries who hold AR together and work to improve it and therefore broaden its impact. The same as any digital ecosystem, this involves the users, providers and institutions to get the best results for everyone.

Is augmented reality eco friendly?

AR is eco-friendly in terms of reducing the environmental impact of mass travel emissions. It can also be used to help develop a better picture of climate change’s effects in order to help combat them. The use of AR to develop more sustainable infrastructure is another way it can help with environmental problems in the long run.