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VR & AR for Travel and Tourism

Virtual Reality, by definition, has the power to take people to another world from the one surrounding them. This sense of ‘being’ can elicit feelings of relaxation and excitement that can only otherwise be achieved by actually being there. This opens up massive potential for use cases across the travel and tourism industry. Travel agents can create an in-house high end VR travel  experience for customers to view 360 photos and videos of each destination and Google Cardboard ‘take-away’ VR experiences can be used in destination marketing campaigns. Augmented Reality can bring an destination into your room with AR travel apps for your customers mobile devices. Create AR teleportation doors that a customer can walk through and instantly view a chosen destination.

360 photo VR destination guides

AR teleportation doors

Travel planning engines in VR

VR hotel tours

In location AR destination guides

3D animations of future tourism developments

What do we do?

We create a variety of custom built VR, AR and 3D visualisation experiences for the travel and tourism industry. VR for travel agencies, VR for tour operators, VR and AR for tourism boards, AR for local tour guides, VR & AR for hotels, VR & AR for holiday rentals and more. Whether you are catering for inbound tourism or outbound tourism VR and AR has the potential to transform how your customers engage with your brand and their selected destinations.

VR for Travel Agencies

We can help build and install custom VR lounges that allow your customers the opportunity to virtually visit & experiences destinations in high-definition VR from the comfort of your office. Content can include 360 video and photos of destinations, hotels, tours and excursions.

VR & AR for Tourism Boards

AR and VR can offer potential visitors a unique understanding of your destinations attractions. Whether researching a destination from abroad or searching for something to do whilst in destination. Allow visitors to step through an AR teleportation door from anywhere in the world!

VR & AR for Hotels

VR & AR 360 photo & video travel experiences give your potential customers the opportunity to explore your accommodation before they arrive. Once they've booked and are in resort an App can help them find their way around the hotel and even allow them to book excursions and activities.

VR for Airlines

First a big screen in the cabin, then a screen on the back of the seat. What next? VR has the potential to take in-flight entertainment to a whole new level. Play games, watch movies of find out about the destination you are heading to all in high-definition VR. Is virtual reality the future of in-flight entertainment?

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