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We are an Australian based VR studio that designs custom VR applications for the Mining & Resources industry. VR workforce training, digital twin simulations and familiarisations.

Virtual Reality (VR) for Mining & Resources

Virtual Reality offers significant benefits for the mining and Resources sector. VR allows for immersive and realistic training simulations, enabling workers to learn and practice complex tasks in a safe and controlled environment. It reduces the risks associated with on-site training and enhances overall safety. Additionally, VR can be utilised for remote site inspections, allowing experts to virtually explore and assess mine sites without the need for physical presence. It streamlines decision-making processes and reduces travel costs. VR facilitates data visualisation, helping professionals analyze geological and spatial data more effectively, leading to improved planning and operational efficiency.

What are the benefits of VR for the mining & resources industry?

It’s a safe place to learn mining skills

It offers a seamless training environment without time constraints

You can monitor learners and assess their abilities easily

It’s a cost-effective option

It doesn’t require on-site training

All tools, equipment and machinery are virtually created

Mining operatives can assess their own skills and receive useful feedback

Training can happen remotely

Trainees and learners can make mistakes without worry

You can create lifelike scenarios such as fires in mines without causing damage or danger

How VR is currently being used in the mining industry

Virtual reality in mining is being used in a few different ways that all provide an inherent advantage to the mining industry and personnel working in mines. It’s an innovative form of training and development that allows mining operators and engineers to learn about mining procedures, tools and techniques in a virtual world or metaverse. VR mining creates a safe environment to make mistakes and learn from them, ensuring that all workers are skilled and proficient in their duties before stepping foot on a worksite.

The other aspect of VR for mining is that it allows for scenario-based training which is almost impossible in the real world. From handling a collapsed mine to learning what to do if a fire breaks out underground, VR spaces are safe and give learners an opportunity to understand the real risks of mining without fear of injury. VR field engineers can learn about different procedures in real-world scenarios and mining operatives have a safe virtual platform to know how to react in potentially life-threatening situations. This isn’t possible in the real world without jeopardising the health and safety of workers, so virtual reality allows for more robust learning outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mining of VR?

VR in mining allows mining operatives to develop skills and experience without entering a mining facility. By creating a virtual world that simulates a mine, operatives can learn about the various tools, techniques and training that are essential for safe mining from the safety of a completely virtual environment.