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3D Walkabout is an Australian based VR studio that designs VR applications for Major Infrastructure projects.

Virtual Reality (VR) for Major Infrastructure

Virtual Reality (VR) offers a powerful tool for engaging stakeholders and the general public in major infrastructure projects undertaken by the government & large businesses. By creating immersive virtual environments, VR enables stakeholders and the public to visualise and experience proposed infrastructure projects before they are constructed. This fosters meaningful engagement, as it allows individuals to provide feedback, share insights, and collaborate on the future development. VR simulations can showcase the project’s impact on the surrounding environment, transportation systems, and public spaces, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing transparency. VR can be used to conduct virtual public consultations, reaching a wider audience and ensuring their voices are heard. By utilising VR, governments can create inclusive and participatory processes, ensuring infrastructure projects align with community needs and aspirations.

What are the benefits of VR for the major infrastructure industry?

View 3D models from various perspectives

Allow project managers to view realistic models to improve understanding

Demonstrate final vision for projects

Visualise spatial data

Create an interactive experience for clients based anywhere in the world

Gain insight before the project is complete

Test run plans to ensure designs are plausible

Identify issues early on before any building starts

Plan details more accurately

Simulate a realistic context for projects

How VR is currently being used on major infrastructure & development projects

VR is utilised to great effect in the major infrastructure industry. It can play a useful role in creating and visualising exactly how a project will function as well as look before any materials or manpower are put towards it. This is a great way to make sure everything is correct, spot any potential problems and have the chance to fix any errors or uncertainties in advance of the building work beginning.

Before a large project starts, a VR mock-up of it can be made in order to show all of the parties who are involved. This way, everyone has a chance to see what is going to be created in a lifelike way, meaning there is a chance for feedback to be given and everyone has an accurate idea of what the project will look like. This makes the task much easier and the outcome more controlled.

Creating a 3D model means that the project can be seen from all angles and therefore allows the designers to gain insight into the structure and plans they have put together in advance of any work being done. This means changes can be made before work begins rather than after, which is much more efficient and also saves money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can VR be used in public consultations for infrastructure projects?

Virtual reality is the closest we can get to experiencing something before it has actually been created. This will help in public consultations for large infrastructure projects as it will allow citizens to see and understand the project to the fullest before they give their opinions and potentially impact the final decisions.

How can VR be used to understand future developments?

Using virtual reality, we can see and understand how future developments will impact the surrounding area, and how they need to be constructed. Not only this, but we can also analyse the effects of any given creation before we even start thinking about building it.