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We use WebGL to create interactive 3D websites and web-based 3D experiences for businesses in Sydney & across New South Wales.

3D Web Sydney

In Sydney, businesses have the opportunity to leverage the power of Web 3.0 websites and WebGL technology to transform their online presence. By incorporating interactive 3D elements, businesses can create immersive and captivating experiences that leave a lasting impression on their audience. The rise of the Metaverse introduces exciting possibilities for industries in Sydney. Real estate companies can transport potential buyers into virtual property tours within the Metaverse, offering a lifelike and engaging exploration of properties. E-commerce businesses can utilise interactive 3D models to enhance the online shopping experience, allowing customers to interact with products in a more realistic way. Educational institutions can embrace the Metaverse to create virtual learning environments that foster interactive and immersive learning experiences. Additionally, the gaming industry can thrive in the Metaverse, providing users with dynamic and immersive gaming encounters. By embracing Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, businesses in Sydney can differentiate themselves, engage customers through innovative means, and drive innovation in various sectors.

What are the benefits of creating a 3D Website for your business in Sydney

Engage customers by delivering unique, memorable experiences in XR worlds

Embrace the metaverse and position your brand at the forefront of technology.

Train employees in safe, simulated environments free of risk

Provide a streamlined customer experience from anywhere in the world

Test and prototype new products under development in XR environments

Showcase products to customers in a simulated showroom

Allow customers to visualise products in their own homes

Explore digital marketing opportunities and event-hosting in the metaverse.

Access data remotely via XR technology without compromising security

Communicate with and offer services to users in the metaverse

How are XR technologies currently being used in Sydney?

Extended reality (XR) technologies are already transforming the way businesses across Sydney and NSW operate. Retailers are using XR technology to allow customers to try before they buy, with some of the more popular uses of this technology being digital fitting rooms and digital showrooms. Customers can try on clothes virtually using augmented reality or see how a sofa might look in their own living rooms. AR used in this way can increase customers’ confidence in a brand and reduces the rate of customer returns.

Outside of retail, companies across every sector are seeing the benefits of XR to train and educate their staff members. This is particularly useful in high-risk industries like healthcare and aviation, but even outside of these settings, staff can train and develop their skills in realistic XR simulations. Teachers can practise their behaviour management skills in digital classrooms and electricians can gain experience working on digital circuit boards.

The potential to interact with customers using XR technology is endless. Aside from practical applications, companies in Sydney that are wanting to position themselves at the forefront of technology are using XR to engage and communicate with customers in a unique and exciting way. Extended reality offers your company the perfect space to entertain and interact with customers in any way you want.

What is the Metaverse and how can it be used by businesses in Sydney?

The Metaverse is a virtual reality world that brings hundreds and thousands – and one day, millions – of digital spaces into a single universe. Within the Metaverse, users can explore and interact with each other and the environment around them. The Metaverse is a growing concept that’s set to transform the way businesses in Sydney – and around the world – interact with customers.

Businesses in Sydney are already embracing the metaverse and using it to reach out to customers in a new digital setting. Sydney companies can create their own virtual worlds, games, and applications within the Metaverse where users can interact with their environments through voice chat and 3D avatars. In this way, customers can interact with products, visit digital showrooms, communicate with support staff, and visit your brand in a whole new digital world.

The Metaverse is also proving to be the world’s safest and most effective training ground for companies in every sector. Meet your staff in the metaverse, simulate real-life situations, and practise key skills before using them with customers in real time. Businesses across Sydney can use the metaverse to train employees, engage with customers, and explore completely untapped markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add 3D elements to my website?

3D elements can be added to your site using three.js, a JavaScript library and API that employs WebGL to add 3D elements to your site. Installing three.js allows you to add lighting, camera angles and renderer to create depth to your scene.

How do you make a 3D website model?

3D website models can be made using specialised technology, giving you the opportunity to design and plan your site and make seamless adjustments before your site is set live. The 3D Walkabout team can help you with our interactive 3D web design services.

What is WebGL example?

A strong example of WebGL is a motion blur showcase slider, which allows for the option of showcasing videos in a smooth motion blur transition. These sliders also come with a logo and menu, making them the perfect option for any project.

How do websites use 3D elements?

Sites use 3D elements to make a site more memorable and impressive while giving them a true feeling of depth. These elements help sites stand out from the majority of flat, 2D web designs, offering an engaging user experience that won’t be forgotten.

What is 3D visuals in web design?

3D visuals, such as detailed product renders or interactive gameplay, are used to boost user experience and give them a tactile, sensory interaction with your site. Elements such as bevel, drop shadows and emboss can take your 2D images to the next level.

How do you make a 3D website?

WebGL technology can be used to create a smooth, interactive 3D website which can be used across all devices and is supported by all major browsers. This technology allows for the creation of a 3D game, an animation, or an interactive 3D space your customers will love.

What is a 3D website?

A 3D website is one which integrates 3D content within its HTML page, allowing it to be viewed on a user’s standard browser using a special 3D viewer. As a result, users have the opportunity to be immersed in an interactive 3D space.

What is WebGL?

WebGL is an application programming interface (API) which allows for interactive 2D and 3D renders without the need for additional web plugins. It also allows your browser to use the GPU rather than the CPU to perform its graphics calculations, meaning improved graphics rendering for your site.