3D Web Virtual Showrooms

We use the latest in WebGL to create interactive 3D virtual showrooms to display your company’s products.

3D Web Virtual Showrooms

Want to wow visitors, improve customer engagement and generate more sales? With a 3D virtual showroom from 3D Walkabout Australia, now you can. We use WebGL, our integrated, interactive 3D web development software, to take your live showroom or exhibition space to the next level. A 3D website showroom offers 360-degree viewing opportunities, streamlined accessibility at any time of day or night, and immediate engagement and interaction with virtual salespeople. Our team will at 3D Walkabout will help you create an incredible 3D web design for your virtual showroom.

What are the benefits of virtual showroom can help sell more of your products

Reduce decision-making time for customers, with store accessibility via devices

Reduce costs of physical resources and travel for your attendees

Give your business that competitive edge with usability and accessibility

Allow users to communicate with you via integrated chat features

Present a realistic showroom experience, with 360 views, zoom, and videos

Allow customers to contact customer support teams for immediate responsiveness

Capture visitor behaviour with Google Analytics, offering valuable business insights

Virtual showrooms have a longer lifespan, bringing in more sales

Increase the time your visitors spend on-site, reducing bounce rates

Allow your VR showroom to be accessed on multiple devices

How web-based 3D virtual showrooms can open your business to more people 24/7

A web-based virtual showroom allows customers to engage with your business and products 24/7, no matter where they are in the world and no matter what device they use. You’ll encourage greater engagement with your customers by offering immersive experiences while browsing products and making purchases.

360-degree viewing experiences, zoom functionality, integrated chat and network features, and the multiple opportunities for connectivity are all strong assets of 3D virtual showrooms which keep attendees engaged and interested. You’ll give viewers a clear picture of the product from every angle, almost exactly what they’d receive when visiting a live showroom event or exhibition booth.

As virtual showrooms carry a longer lifespan than live events, they can attract more users over a longer period. With the integration of virtual avatars, you’ll help users feel supported no matter when they choose to visit your showroom. A virtual avatar can welcome visitors, present important information and explain products, features and services in depth. Your showroom experience could also be enhanced with a virtual emcee to take visitors on a tour through the space, helping them to learn more about the products, watch videos, and interact with personnel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a 3D virtual showroom?

Virtual showrooms begin with designing and planning content, often using 360-degree photography and laser scanning to capture the look of products. Following this initial stage, the 3D showroom is enhanced with clickable features, floorplan navigation, and default starting points. Once your showroom is finalised, it can be shared via a link over email, on your website, or across your social media channels.

What is an online showroom?

Online showrooms allow brands and buyers to engage with and sell their products via a digital platform. They replace physical showrooms, removing the need for live events, exhibition booths and physical products. Online showrooms can be added to business websites for visitors to view and engage with at any time.

What is 3D showroom?

Virtual showrooms are 360-degree, digital environments presenting the look, function and feel of a live showroom space. Visitors are able to browse products, access information, and connect with sales teams on any device.

What are the key features of a virtual showroom?

Virtual showrooms feature multimedia content, 3D product replicas in 360-degree views, virtual presenters and avatars, visitor analytic features, the option to embed and share on websites, the opportunity to wishlist products, and the ease of customisation depending on your particular needs.