3D Web Virtual Art Galleries

We use the latest in WebGL to create interactive 3D art galleries & exhibitions.

3D Web Virtual Art Exhibitions

Engage with more people than ever with a virtual art gallery from 3D Walkabout Australia. Our interactive, integrated 3D web development software takes your physical museum or art gallery exhibit into the digital realm. A 3D website will help you and your artworks stand out, present great opportunities for interactive, sensory user engagement, and even generate leads and sales. With our streamlined WebGL technology, we’ll help you create the ideal virtual art exhibitions for your needs. For outstanding 3D web design of your next exhibit or art gallery, 3D Walkabout is on hand to present quality results.

Why 3D web-based virtual exhibitions are the best way to engage visitors online

Maintain visitor interest by offering new opportunities for their engagement

Offer 24/7 user accessibility, for visitor engagement at any time

Allow visitors to interact with artworks through customised virtual tours

Give visitors the opportunity to view artwork from all angles

Add interactive videos, photos and information to accompany your artwork

Easily publish your exhibition online as a smooth marketing tool

Curate and arrange your virtual space any way you like

Use scheduling and multi-player functionality to arrange your virtual exhibitions

Interact and engage with visitors through audio and messaging functions

Attract visitors who can’t get to art exhibits in person

Why you should create a web-based 3D virtual art gallery

Virtual art galleries are a fantastic way of attracting and engaging visitors to your online space and giving them the opportunity to engage with your artworks in real-time. A 3D virtual exhibition or virtual art gallery can be easily added to your website or shared via link, boosting website visits, creating new opportunities for engagement and generating more leads and sales.

When visitors attend your virtual exhibition, they’ll have the opportunity to engage with your artworks, learn about artists and their methods, and interact with you online. When you back your virtual art exhibition with analytic insights, you’ll be able to review your audiences’ behaviours, see how frequently they access your site and exhibitions and identify which virtual event is generating the most attention.

A virtual art gallery is a perfect option for those who can’t visit an exhibition in person – even interested customers from overseas – and for people who do visit physical exhibitions but who might want another look once they’re at home. You can create an identical render of your physical gallery so that viewers get an authentic experience of exploring your real exhibition space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual museum tour?

A virtual museum tour – either guided or self-guided – gives you the opportunity to navigate your physical museum space in the digital realm. They’re generally comprised of digitally recorded imagery, sound files, text information, and networking technology.

What is the purpose of a virtual museum?

A virtual museum takes your physical museum into the digital realm, enhancing or supporting your physical exhibition space with quality immersive content, accessible information, and user engagement opportunities. They allow for education to be shared in new, interactive ways beyond your physical museum space.

What are some of the advantages of a virtual art gallery?

Some of the benefits of a virtual gallery include: flexible, convenient engagement for visitors, the opportunity to share your work in other digital spaces, easy communication and sharing of information, consistent and unlimited connection, and double exposure in the physical and virtual realms.

How do I make a virtual art gallery?

After you choose the artwork to be exhibited, take good-quality photos or upload high-resolution images of the piece. Then choose the website, platform or app which you’d like to use to set up your gallery. Once you’ve established your gallery, market your exhibition using social media platforms and interfaces.

How do virtual exhibitions work?

3D online exhibitions are hosted over virtual platforms which offer immersive 360-degree viewing experiences for visitors. These platforms offer opportunities for interactivity and networking your visitors will love. Virtual exhibitions present new interactive experiences that attendees just won’t be able to forget.

How do I host a virtual exhibition?

If you want to host a virtual exhibition, it’s first important to understand your goals and objectives, before identifying a clear agenda and promoting your event on social media. A pay-per-use, accessible platform is a great space to share interactive content.

How do you make a virtual art exhibition?

Virtual art exhibitions are generated through cutting-edge game engine technology, such as WebGL, that allows your viewers to take a guided or self-guided tour through your virtual space and interact with your artworks. Your exhibit can be further enhanced by social media promotions and accessible information.