3D Web Virtual Trade Shows

We use the latest in WebGL to create interactive 3D virtual trade shows for businesses.

3D Web Virtual Tradeshows

Boost your business or brand reach with a virtual trade show or event with 3D Walkabout Australia. A 3D website exhibit will help your business stand out to global audiences, presenting interactive experiences your trade show attendees will love. We use seamless WebGL technology to help businesses and brands create the perfect virtual exhibit, ensuring you present your services and products in the best possible way. When you need quality 3D web design or 3D web development solutions for your virtual trade show, 3D Walkabout is on hand to deliver incredible results attendees won’t be able to resist.

What are the benefits of virtual trade shows to your business

Improve your business’ exposure and boost the visibility of your brand

Expose your event attendees to products for your chosen duration

Improve attendance levels, reaching international customers and qualified leads

Allow attendees to access your trade show from their homes

Save business resources and reduce the costs to your attendees

No need to rent venues, hire staff or organise add-ons

Encourage real-time connectivity and 1:1 or group interactions with attendees

Provide interactive live chat features, breakout sessions, keynotes and webinars

Engage in valuable data tracking with a virtual trade show

Keep tabs on every attendee’s move from start to finish

How virtual trade shows can welcome your visitors 24/7, 365 days a year

Virtual trade shows are a great way of attracting visitors on their own time. Unlike live trade shows, which have definitive opening and closing times, virtual trade shows are live for as long as you want them to be. This means attendees can visit and interact with your show, vendors and other attendees whenever they like.

As virtual trade shows are held within the online space, they help you attract interest from all around the world, exposing your brand and business to an international audience and potential new global leads. It truly doesn’t matter where an attendee is located, all they need is a device to be able to access your show.

When hosting a live trade show, the range of expenses you might incur could lead you to limit the duration of your show or how much you’re able to spend on particular features and attractions. Not so with a virtual trade show. As there are lower expenditures – no need for venue hire, catering, bookings, and so on – your event will attract a higher ROI. Couple that with wider reach, ticketing options, and greater opportunities for sponsorship, and you’re really better off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hold a virtual exhibition?

To hold a virtual exhibit, it’s important to define your goals and plan before taking full advantage of innovative online technology, such as interactive exhibits, accessible features, real-time connectivity, and detailed user analytics.

How do you have a successful virtual booth?

Make sure you take advantage of every interactive feature of your online platform. You could offer downloadable materials, personalised interactions with attendees, and opportunities for connectivity beyond the event itself.

Are virtual exhibitions effective?

Definitely. A virtual exhibition allows you to engage with and attract a global audience, reduce your costs, keep track of your visitors, and generate quality leads and sales. Online exhibits simplify accessibility, meaning attendees can visit your show from any device they choose.

What are the disadvantages of a virtual trade show?

The main disadvantage of a virtual trade show event is the loss of atmosphere and excitement that naturally comes with a live event. And as your show’s entirely online, it is left vulnerable to technological glitches, such as connectivity issues, the need to download plug-ins, and unattractive layout across varied platforms.

How much does a virtual trade show cost?

Costs are definitely lowered with a virtual trade show than they would be with a live event. This is because you don’t need to spend money on hiring or booking spaces, speakers and vendors – your main expense will really be the online platform itself.

How do you do a virtual trade show?

After you establish a goal and define your ideal audience, set a budget and choose your date and time for launch, you’ll need to settle on a virtual event platform to host your event. Once your show’s prepared, it’s important to advertise it with a range of social media marketing techniques.

How does a virtual trade show work?

Virtual trade shows operate on 3D simulated environments, which can include everything from a virtual foyer or auditorium to an exhibit hall. Your attendees will be able to browse the exhibitor booths, learn more and even buy products.