3D Web Product Configurators

We use the latest in WebGL to create interactive 3D configurators to showcase your products.

3D Web Configurators

3D Web/WebGL technology offers the opportunity to create online 3D configurators that allow brands to showcase their products in a highly interactive and customisable manner. Brands can leverage this technology to provide users with the ability to personalise and configure products, such as cars, furniture, or fashion items, in real-time through a web browser. Users can explore different options, colors, materials, and features, providing an engaging and immersive experience. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also helps brands showcase the versatility and range of their products. 3D web configurators enable brands to effectively demonstrate product variations, generate interest, and ultimately drive sales by allowing users to visualise and customise products before making a purchase.

What are the key reasons why your company should build a web configurator

No need for third-party plugins limiting the number of viewers

Format your approach for offline use at interactive events

Boost e-commerce sales, allowing customers to try your products virtually

Review customer behaviour to minimise any errors, mistakes and misunderstandings

Shorten your sales cycle, with real-time responses improving business outcomes

Reduce the need for physical resources, instead creating products on request

Allow your customers to collaborate in bringing products to life

Keep your customers engaged and impressed with every website visit

Improve conversion rates, allowing your customers to make instant decisions

Offer all necessary purchase information, including customisation, descriptions and price

The benefits of using 3D web-based configurators to sell products online

A 3D web-based configurator is geared towards increased conversions and sales. With a 3D website configurator, a customer’s able to become familiar with products before they make a purchase, exploring it and learning all they need to know prior to making a decision. Customers will also be able to review your products using a range of devices, helping you close more sales and maintain convenience and client satisfaction.

As businesses employ 3D configurators, they’ll gain a better understanding of customer behaviour, thus reducing the chance of mistakes and misunderstandings. What’s more, if a customer has a realistic representation of the product, they’ll likely be less disappointed, won’t have second thoughts, and won’t leave their purchase unfulfilled.

A 3D configurator will also help businesses save on advertising costs. Businesses and brands could even use their 3D renderings for advertisements, saving them money on campaigns and photography. They’ll also allow customers to submit orders for special requests, with the option to change product attributes or features as wanted. Configurators also make it possible to estimate the cost of a customised product, helping customers feel involved in the process of product design and modification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a 3D web configurator?

There are clear steps to building a 3D web configurator. These include determining your goals and business’ Key Performance Indicators, before creating your 3D content or enhancing any existing content. Once you have 3D content, a web developer can help you design the perfect configurator for your needs. All that’s left is to share your content on social media and through your website.

What industries use 3D web configurators?

3D web configurators are used by a range of industries. These include real estate, construction, automotives, luxury goods and furnishings, interior design, and manufacturers. All of these industries are enhanced by product customisation, which is an attractive feature of 3D web configuration software.

What is a product configurator?

A product configurator provides options for customers to modify individual products, selecting optional configurations and making adjustments based on their needs and requirements. They make the ordering process more streamlined and increase conversions, along with capturing realistic customer data and analytics.

What is a 3D configurator?

A 3D web configurator is an interactive model allowing your customers the option of personalising products according to their particular specifications. Customers can select customisations and see products modified in real-time, and obtain cost estimates based on their choices.