XR & 3D for Mining & Resources


We are an Australian creative studio that creates ‘XR’ content and applications for the Mining & Resources industry. We us the latest in 3D, VR, AR, MR & Scanning technologies to help organisations in this sector engage with new audiences.

XR Technologies for the Mining & Resources Industry


XR technologies are transforming the mining and resources sector by offering a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective solution for training staff and improving production. With virtual and augmented reality, workers can simulate hazardous and complex scenarios in a safe and controlled environment, reducing the risk of injury and equipment damage. Additionally, 3D scans and models can help to visualize the entire mining operation, allowing for more effective planning, monitoring, and stakeholder engagement. These technologies are enabling mining and resources companies to train staff more effectively, reduce operational costs, and improve safety and productivity, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and profitable business.

Learn about the technologies we offer for Mining & Resources


We create custom VR applications to help train the mining workforce on complex tasks in a zero risk environment whilst saving thousands on logistics and travel.


Our custom AR applications enable mining companies to remotely train workers on complex tasks while reducing travel costs and increasing safety.


MR can be used to create interactive digital twins of mining sites and equipment, allowing workers to visualize and manipulate virtual objects in the real world for more effective training.


We create custom 3D renderings of mining sites and equipment to aid in design and planning, as well as to create immersive training experiences.


Our 3D Web development services can help create web-based training tools for the mining industry that allows for virtual training on complex tasks and procedures, saving time and resources while improving safety.


In addition to real estate, our 3D scanning technology can also be used in the mining and resources industry. 3D scanning is used for asset inspections and planning.