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We specialise in creating MR apps for Hololens and other leading MR headsets. We work with businesses across Perth & Western Australia in a wide array of industries.

MR Development

Mixed Reality (MR) holds tremendous potential for businesses in Perth, seamlessly blending virtual and physical environments to deliver immersive experiences. With MR, Perth businesses can revolutionise product visualisation, allowing customers to interact with virtual objects in real-world settings. Remote collaboration becomes seamless, connecting teams regardless of location and enhancing productivity. MR offers architects and designers in Perth the ability to showcase their designs in captivating 3D formats, while the tourism industry can provide virtual tours and immersive experiences. Advertising campaigns can be taken to new heights with engaging MR experiences, and remote assistance becomes more effective. Data visualisation and training in Perth businesses can benefit greatly from MR’s immersive capabilities. Embracing MR empowers Perth businesses to differentiate themselves, captivate customers, streamline operations, and drive innovation across various industries.

What are the benefits of Mixed Reality for your business in Perth

MR apps can help your product stand out from the crowd.

It helps people visualise products before they buy them

It allows businesses to offer new services or products while reducing costs

Increased brand awareness by giving customers access to more information about your company through a mobile device

Better customer retention by making sure that customers have easy access to all the information they need

Increased sales as customers can see what they like quickly

Immediate visualisation of ideas and concepts

Easier collaboration between teams

Increased productivity by fostering better communication between employees and customers

Gives you new ways to advertise

How are MR technologies currently being used in Perth?

Mixed reality technologies have many uses in Australia. One of the most common uses of MR is to transport people to a virtual world, where they can interact with other people using avatars and walk around the environment. This type of application is commonly used by video game developers and architects to create interactive models of their designs.

Another common use for MR technologies is for retail stores, where customers can try on clothing or other products from home before buying them at the store. The experience is often more realistic than shopping in person because it allows shoppers to see how a product looks on them before making a purchase decision.

Mixed reality is being used to train workers on how to use complex equipment, such as 3D printers or medical imaging machines. The technology allows the user to interact with holograms that represent real-world objects, without having to handle them. This can reduce the risk of injury or damage to expensive equipment while providing a more realistic training experience than traditional methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snapchat AR or MR?

Snapchat operates within the AR space. By overlaying virtual elements over a user’s real-world experience with the help of innovative hardware, Snapchat offers unique, innovative opportunities for user engagement and digital collaboration.

Is HoloLens MR or AR?

The HoloLens is an MR system. The system still suits AR business requirements, as the difference between AR and MR is relatively minor, encompassing the use of third-party devices such as a phone for displaying information.

Is HoloLens 2 mixed reality?

Hololens 2 is a mixed reality system. Augmented reality glasses tend to be a part of a system that uses a phone, combining the world around us with graphics, data and similar readouts. The Hololens 2 is a standalone product that presents information without the need for a phone.

Is Snapchat AR or MR?

Snapchat operates within the AR space. By overlaying virtual elements over a user’s real-world experience with the help of innovative hardware, Snapchat offers unique, innovative opportunities for user engagement and digital collaboration.

Is mixed reality the future of AR & VR?

Yes. Mixed reality takes the best features of AR and VR and blends them into an incredible user experience. Users can interact with the physical and virtual world seamlessly, with MR replicating their natural behaviour and changes in perspectives. This goes beyond the traditional approaches of VR and AR, which place users within a space or overlay the physical world with additional information.

What is mixed reality vs augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) adds virtual information on top of what a user already sees. MR goes a step beyond this, allowing for physical and virtual environments to interact with each other, and for users to engage with these environments also. AR enhances what a user experiences of the world around them, while MR seamlessly integrates physical and virtual realities so that it’s hard to tell the difference.

What is a key feature of mixed reality?

Mixed reality is focused on collaboration and improved experience. Users can easily interact with one another within the MR environment, sharing 3D models of their physical space with virtually-connected users and engaging with others through gesture and speech recognition.

How is mixed reality used today?

Mixed reality is employed by many industries and businesses to improve employee experience and performance, simplify processes, save time and money, and deliver better results for consumers. It allows both company workers and customers to engage with combined physical and virtual spaces, interacting with the real and digital objects around them.

What is mixed reality and example?

Mixed reality allows for interactions with both physical and virtual realities at the one time. It can be employed in many ways, and an example might be a headset used by gamers, or a simulated environment as part of business training and experience.

What is the concept of mixed reality?

Mixed reality merges the physical and virtual worlds to generate a new environment in which these elements co-exist. It offers immersive user experiences, simplified business processes, and savings on the time and costs involved in developing prototypes, reviewing products, and testing employees.