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3D Walkabout is an Australian based MR studio that designs amazing MR apps for Property & Real Estate Industry to improve their property procedures, and service.

Mixed Reality (MR) for Property & Real Estate Industry

In the property and real estate industry, mixed reality (MR) technology offers opportunities to change the way properties are marketed, visualised, and experienced by potential buyers and investors. With MR tools like the Hololens 2, real estate professionals can create immersive virtual experiences, allowing prospective buyers to virtually explore properties in detail. These MR experiences provide a realistic sense of scale, spatial awareness, and interactive features, enabling buyers to visualise different layouts, finishes, and furnishings. This enhances their decision-making process and increases confidence in their property choices. Additionally, MR can be used to showcase off-plan developments, enabling potential buyers to experience unbuilt properties in a fully immersive manner. MR also offers the ability to create virtual staging, allowing real estate agents to showcase various design options and configurations without physically staging a property. By leveraging MR technology, the property and real estate industry can attract a wider audience, save time and costs associated with physical showings, and provide an engaging and interactive experience for buyers, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of MR for the Property & Real Estate industry?

Anyone can explore a property with MR walkthrough, no matter where they are, increasing convenience

Buyers can see in-depth site maps and neighbourhood maps for detailed information

Buyers can explore the exterior and interior of properties at their own pace

Property owners can create and explore architectural designs quickly

Property owners can experiment with new design concepts without wasting company time or resources

Buyers can customise and plan decor with virtual items and accessories

Real-time specifications of the property can be viewed, such as dimensions and measurements

Buyers can experience the MR property in full without having to visit it

Property owners can market more properties without the need for guided tours

The house-buying process becomes more streamlined

How MR is currently being used by Property & Real Estate industry

Mixed reality (MR) is revolutionising how the property and real estate industry functions. By mixing the real world with virtual elements and inviting physical interaction with graphics, MR brings display homes and properties to wherever you are. Buyers can feel more confident in securing a deal when they have experienced the property in real proportions and explored it at their own pace with mixed home viewing. They can place furniture and decorations in the MR house without visiting it, materialising how the proportions will function in real terms.

Property managers and owners can access important data about the MR building and carry out realistic design concepts, running tests before time and resources are wasted. This brings property management and real estate global, with anyone able to visit a home no matter where they are based in the world. Architectural visuals make choosing designs a streamlined process in a fraction of the time.

The world is adapting to MR in a variety of industries and property and real estate is at the forefront of this development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can MR property models be accessed and viewed by potential buyers or tenants?

MR property models can be accessed and viewed through various platforms and devices. They can be experienced using virtual reality (VR) headsets, web browsers, mobile apps, or even through interactive touchscreens in real estate offices. This flexibility allows for convenient and widespread access to the immersive property models.

How accurate and realistic are MR property models?

MR property models are highly accurate and realistic, as they are often created using advanced 3D scanning techniques. The models capture precise measurements and details, ensuring a true-to-life representation of the property’s layout, finishes, and architectural features.

Can MR be used for remote property tours?

Absolutely! MR technology allows for remote property tours, where users can explore properties from anywhere in the world using VR headsets or even their smartphones. This is especially useful for international buyers or those unable to visit properties physically.

How does MR benefit property developers and real estate agents?

MR enables developers and agents to showcase properties to potential buyers or tenants in a more immersive and interactive way. It provides a realistic sense of space, allows for virtual staging and customization, and saves time by eliminating the need for physical property visits in the early stages of the buying or renting process.

What is MR (Mixed Reality) and how is it used in the property and real estate industry?

A1: MR is a technology that combines virtual and augmented reality, allowing users to experience and interact with virtual property models in real-world settings. It is used in the industry to enhance property visualization, design review, and immersive property tours.