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Mixed Reality (MR) for Retail, Shops and Commerce

Mixed reality (MR) is providing innovative ways for shoppers to engage with products and brands. With MR technology, customers can try on virtual outfits, accessories, and cosmetics, allowing them to visualise how they will look before making a purchase. This immersive and interactive experience builds trust, reduces the risk of returns, and enhances customer satisfaction. MR smart mirrors in stores offer virtual fitting rooms, enabling shoppers to see themselves in different outfits without physically trying them on. These mirrors can also display personalised recommendations, product information, and styling tips, enhancing the overall shopping experience. By integrating MR into retail spaces, businesses can create unique and memorable interactions, driving customer engagement, increasing sales, and staying at the forefront of digital innovation.

What are the benefits of MR for the retail, shops and commerce industry?

Virtual ‘try before you buy’ for clothes, accessories and cosmetics

Demonstrate how products can be customised to match customer specification

See furniture or appliances in your home or office space

Create an MR store with a virtual fitting room, improving satisfaction

Offer useful, functional virtual browsing from anywhere across the world

Offer product experience sessions for tech, cosmetics or home appliances

Offer virtual product support post-purchase, minimising returns and refunds

Create an online mixed-reality community to showcase the latest products

Offer virtual experience across a variety of devices including mobile phones

Create an MR Mall with targeted advertising and link sales

How MR is currently being used by Retail, Shops and Commerce Industry

MR development is the future for many retail businesses. In a crowded marketplace, MR offers buyers a new way to experience your products that places your business firmly at the forefront of modern retail. MR is already part of many retail experiences. Browsing cosmetics no longer means trawling through dozens of YouTube channels to find a swatch so you can see if a lipstick will suit, MR allows buyers to try before they buy, just as they would in-store.

Because MR allows content to be augmented over the customers’ own environment, this concept can be applied to almost any product. A buyer looking at furniture, or a new TV can see it in their own home and visualise how it will work with the rest of their aesthetic. People looking for new clothes can see how a garment might work with the rest of their wardrobe – the possibilities are almost endless.

MR goes beyond simply enhancing the customer buying experience. It can offer a beefed-up advertising suite too. A metaverse mall can offer in-store apps that allow customers to engage with their environment, bringing personalised product suggestions as well as extra information. If a product is offered in several iterations, customers can see each colour or finish there and then, making decision-making easier and buying more likely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MR offer any advantages for e-commerce platforms?

Yes, MR can transform the e-commerce experience by allowing customers to virtually try on products, such as furniture, clothing, or cosmetics, in their own space. This reduces the risk of returns, enhances customer confidence, and improves the overall online shopping experience.

How can MR assist with inventory management and stock control?

With MR, retailers can utilize virtual tools to visualize and manage inventory. This includes real-time stock monitoring, virtual restocking simulations, and efficient order fulfillment. MR can help streamline inventory management processes, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

Can MR be used for virtual store layouts and visual merchandising?

Absolutely! MR enables retailers to create virtual store layouts and experiment with visual merchandising concepts. This allows for real-time evaluation of store designs, product placements, and customer flow, optimizing the overall shopping experience.

How can MR improve customer engagement in retail stores?

MR can provide interactive product demonstrations, virtual showrooms, and personalized shopping experiences. Customers can visualize products in their own environment, try virtual try-on of clothing or accessories, and make informed purchasing decisions, leading to higher customer engagement and satisfaction.

What is mixed reality (MR) and how can it benefit the retail and commerce industry?

Mixed reality combines virtual and physical elements to create immersive experiences. In retail, MR can enhance product visualization, virtual try-on, and interactive shopping experiences, leading to increased customer engagement and sales.