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Mixed Reality (MR) for Energy & Utility Companies

Mixed reality (MR) is a unique kind of asset which fuses the real world, including the objects and the environment around us, with the technological advancements of virtual reality through audio-visual simulation. With both appearing to respond and interact together in a way which appears natural, it can bring plenty of helpful attributes to Australia’s utility and energy industry, which has seen as much as a 65% engagement and collaboration rate from companies who provide this type of immersion in recent years. Read on to find out how MR energy can impact your own business, and help it evolve in line with the future.

What are the benefits of MR Energy & Utility Companies?

Prevents dangerous problems, allowing faults to be spotted early in advance of any situations.

Helps to train companies in safely maneuvering events they would likely never encounter in the energy production workplace.

Allows for remote, quick and simple communication between employees

It can be combined with geographical information systems and find suitable locations for building work.

Holographic imagery can be used to inspect pipes and electrical works previously unseen by the eye

A recent development in the industry are physical gadgets, which have become more immersive and accessible to users.

It can help a business stand out against competitors

It helps businesses source highly accurate spatial and directional data.

It allows for safer and faster maintenance and repair of broken equipment.

Alongside its compatibility with the metaverse, it helps to foster social, employable qualities such as teamwork skills.

How is MR technology currently being used by the energy sector

Even though it is a modern occurrence, MR technology is already being used for various aspects within the utility and energy sectors. When using the application in real-life job scenarios in which a part is broken, it can quickly find data such as asset type, part number and maintenance history, enabling you to swiftly take action to repair it properly.

It can also better train employees. Whilst undergoing a task, the system could give them written options on what actions to take, or be shown specific situations which teach them what to do in extreme measures. In this way of teaching, mistakes can be prevented before they even occur.

Similarly, your customer service could also be improved. Whilst communicating with your client, you can also use MR to collect crucial information about a problem remotely without a technician or other professional even entering the premises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can MR improve customer engagement and education in the energy sector?

Absolutely! MR can offer interactive experiences for customers, allowing them to explore renewable energy projects, learn about their benefits, and visualize how they can integrate such solutions into their homes or businesses. This enhances customer engagement and promotes sustainable energy adoption.

How does MR contribute to workforce training and safety in the energy industry?

MR provides realistic training simulations for energy technicians, allowing them to practice complex tasks in a safe virtual environment. It also offers remote assistance, enabling experts to guide field workers during maintenance or repairs, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Can MR assist in monitoring and managing energy infrastructure?

Yes, MR can provide real-time data visualization and monitoring of energy infrastructure, such as power grids or solar farms. This allows for quick detection of faults or inefficiencies and enables timely interventions for improved performance and maintenance.

How can MR enhance the planning and design of renewable energy projects?

MR allows for immersive visualizations of renewable energy installations, enabling precise location selection, optimal positioning of solar panels or wind turbines, and accurate assessment of energy production potential.

What is the role of mixed reality (MR) in the renewable energy industry and utility companies?

Mixed reality offers innovative solutions for the renewable energy industry and utility companies by enabling efficient planning, monitoring, and maintenance of energy systems.