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Augmented Reality (AR) Sydney

Augmented reality, often known as AR for short, is currently one of the biggest technology trends to hit Sydney in recent years. But if you are unfamiliar with AR or have heard little more than the name, you might not fully appreciate the power it can have for businesses of all sizes in and around the city.


AR lets you see virtual objects & animations right in front of you. Often designed using game engine technology, it uses real-world environments as the backdrop for a layer of digital augmentation in front. Perhaps the most famous example of its use was the launch of Pokemon Go in 2016. Using smartphones, players explored the real world of Sydney trying to find characters who would pop up on the pavement, in a park or even under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


These days, AR technology has moved on from simple games to have multiple practical uses in the business world. Just imagine the potential for tourism in Sydney using AR to take city or museum tours. You can use it to visualise your office refit, or to understand the commercial or industrial space available at the new Aerotropolis.

Mobile Apps

Our team can help create IOS and Android AR apps for mobile devices. Perfect if you have a vested audience and wanting an ongoing multi-use application for your customers. We’ll take care of everything from UX design, development, and content creation to App Store and Google Play submissions.

Web AR

It’s now possible to have AR experiences directly through the devices browser, no app download required. Perfect if you are looking at a single use AR experience such as a product packaging activation. All you need to do is push your customer to the URL through your POS or QR code and your products can come alive in seconds!

Social AR

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat now have extensive AR functionality built into their cameras. The MASSIVE advantage of this is most people already have one or more of these apps installed on their devices and you tap into the native sharing functionality of these apps to spread your promotion to a much wider audience.

Headset AR

An AR headset provides the most immersive high-end AR experience possible. Using only hand gestures the user can navigate their way through your AR experience. A fantastic tool for staff training, a workforce out in the field and for trade shows, visitor experiences and demonstrations.

If you are a business based in Sydney get in touch discuss ideas of how you can build Augmented Reality (AR) into your sales & marketing plans and reach potential customers in a completely new way.

How is AR being used by companies?

AR has many uses for clients across the Sydney business world. Perhaps the most common is the visualisation of 3D models used during the design process for products, buildings and vehicles. AR allows architects and designers to create renderings that sit with a real world environment as the backdrop, giving a much more accurate interpretation of how a finished project will look. Imagine, for example, being able to place a realistic scaled AR model of the future planned Western Sydney Airport on your desk.


AR can also be very useful for on site training purposes, providing easy access to detailed equipment documentation & models in real-time. The technologies used have many applications in the world of education, using immersive AR technology to make lectures more interesting and dynamic.



There are also many uses for AR in customer facing environments. It is the perfect way to allow customers to try before they buy, with apps allowing them to see how products will look either on their person or in their home. Like this Ikea Place app in this video.  One innovation is using AR to see how different paint colours will look on your walls. This has revolutionised the way online retailers can market and sell their products.


In the world of industry and engineering, Augmented reality allows remote experts to superimpose markings and diagrams directly onto the field view. This can help to improve safety and take the pressure of engineers who can’t always be experts in every field.

What does an AR company or studio do?

An augmented reality company, like 3D Walkabout, uses this new technology to revolutionise the way designers, retailers and engineers work. Our augmented reality technology combines 3D modelling & app development to offer AR models and animations for both interior and exterior areas.


As one of the leading augmented reality companies in Australia, our aim is to utilise this technology to help Sydney businesses grow. We are always developing new AR technology to help connect the real world with immersive digital experiences.


Our team of software developers and designers can help you to create an augmented reality mobile app for IOS or Android. 3D Walkabout will handle the app development for social AR applications for major platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. We can also create reality augmented experiences that you can use directly though a web browser.


Of course, the most immersive augmented reality experience still remains the headset. Using only hand gestures, the user can navigate their way through a complete AR experience, with applications for staff training, visitor experiences, demonstrations, brand launches and much more.

What is the difference between AR and VR?

People often confuse AR with VR, or virtual reality, and while there are some similarities, the two are also very different. Whereas AR superimposes digital elements onto the real world, VR is a completely immersive experience that shuts out the physical world. With VR you can be transported to anywhere in space or time, so long as that environment has been rendered digitally. You are immersed in an experience and then brought back to the real world when it is over.


With AR, the real physical environment remains the same but software for augmented reality development allows a whole world of possibilities to be added to this. There is immense potential in augmented reality Australia for both business and leisure application. AR applications are capable of enhancing the real time experience for everyone from the developers at 505 George Street to educators at Sydney Technical College.


The user does not need to shut themselves off from the world around them but can experience AR situations in real time and space. The other beauty of reality augmented is that it can be used on your phone or tablet, right in front of you. There is no need for extra equipment (although this can also help to improve the experience).


 A recent Sydney AR Hololens project we worked on…

[vimeo 285244459]

Why AR?

AR solves a huge problem Sydney businesses have around engagement and awareness for the following reasons. It’s;

Stay with Us

Unlike VR, users with an AR headset or smartphone can stay in the real world whilst viewing additional 3D visualisations & data.

More than Reality

With AR you can provide a customer increased data beyond what they are experiencing with their own eyes

It's in your Pocket

ARkit by Apple will mean that AR can be experienced by anyone with an Iphone or Ipad bringing a new dimension to the world around us all


High media interest in AR early adopters can benefit from media exposure. AR can help showcase your business in a new light.

Get in touch to discuss ideas of how you can build AR into your Sydney business sales & marketing plans and reach potential customers in a completely new way.