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Explore the latest cutting-edge XR technologies from Google and discover a new world of immersive experiences, featuring advanced AR, MR, and VR hardware and software solutions for businesses and consumers alike.


Google has been actively developing and expanding its XR technologies, including AR, MR, and VR hardware. Their latest offerings include the Google Pixel 6 with its advanced Tensor chip, which provides enhanced AR capabilities and improved computational photography. The company has also released the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, which is a powerful AR headset designed for enterprise use. In the VR space, Google has launched the Daydream View, a lightweight and comfortable headset that works with a range of Daydream-compatible smartphones. Additionally, Google has developed ARCore, a platform for building AR experiences on Android devices, and Poly, a vast library of 3D assets for use in AR and VR applications.

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Google Hardware Highlights & Features

Perth leader in VR development

Expert team of 3D modellers, & game engine developers

Specialists in real-time rendered VR applications

Premium quality at very affordable prices

Premium quality at very affordable prices

Experts in 360 Stereocopic rendering for VR headsets

Specialist developers for all Oculus & HTC Vive headsets

Experience with VR applications across all industries

Group based VR applications for training & education

Premium quality at very affordable prices

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