Revolutionise your Reality with Snap Inc.’s Latest XR Technologies


Experience Augmented Reality like never before with Snap Inc.’s latest XR technologies


Snap Inc. is known for its innovative augmented reality (AR) technology and has recently expanded its offerings into the mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) space. Their latest XR technology is the Snap Spectacles, which combines AR and VR experiences in a wearable headset. The Spectacles allow users to overlay AR graphics onto the real world, creating immersive experiences that can be shared with others. Snap also offers the Lens Studio, a platform for creating and sharing AR experiences. In addition, they have partnered with companies like Verizon and Unity to bring their technology to a wider audience. With their focus on innovative and accessible XR technology, Snap Inc. is quickly becoming a major player in the industry.

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Snap Hardware Highlights & Features

Snap Spectacles – AR-enabled glasses that allow users to overlay digital content on the real world.

Snap Lens Studio – A platform that allows creators to build and share AR experiences on Snapchat.

Snap Camera – A free desktop application that allows users to add AR filters and lenses to video calls and streams.

Snap Map – A feature in the Snapchat app that allows users to view Snaps from around the world and explore AR experiences.

Landmarkers – AR experiences that transform famous landmarks and buildings into interactive filters.

Bitmoji AR – Users can create their own Bitmoji avatar and place it in AR scenes.

Scan – A feature in the Snapchat app that allows users to scan objects and find AR experiences related to them.

Spectacles 3 – The latest version of Snap’s AR-enabled glasses with two HD cameras and 3D effects.

Snap Minis – Lightweight versions of apps that can be accessed within the Snapchat app, including AR experiences.

Local Lenses – AR experiences that are tied to a specific location and can be accessed when users are in that location.

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