Experience Reality Like Never Before: Varjo XR Technologies


Experience a New Reality with Varjo’s Cutting-Edge XR Technologies: From High-Resolution VR to Mixed Reality Headsets, Explore the Future of Immersive Computing.


Varjo is a leading company in the XR technology industry, specializing in VR and AR headsets. Their latest hardware includes the Varjo XR-3, which is designed for professional use and offers an unprecedented level of visual fidelity. The XR-3 features ultra-high resolution displays, eye-tracking technology, and integrated hand tracking for natural interaction. In addition, the headset supports mixed reality and can blend virtual and real-world environments seamlessly. The Varjo XR-3 also has an advanced software suite that enables users to create and manipulate immersive content with ease. With Varjo’s cutting-edge XR technology, users can experience immersive and realistic virtual and augmented reality like never before.

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Varjo Hardware Highlights & Features

Varjo XR-3 and XR-1 are Varjo’s latest VR headsets with high-resolution displays.

XR-3 offers a resolution of 70 pixels per degree and a field of view of 115 degrees.

XR-3 includes 4K stereo video pass-through and LiDAR for hand tracking.

XR-3 supports both SteamVR and OpenVR applications.

Varjo’s headsets feature an adjustable “foveated rendering” display for improved clarity and performance.

Varjo offers enterprise-grade mixed reality solutions with their XR-3 and XR-1 headsets.

Varjo’s hand tracking technology uses infrared cameras to track hand movements with high precision.

Varjo offers a software development kit for creating custom applications for their headsets.

Varjo’s “human-eye resolution” displays are designed to improve visual acuity and reduce eye strain.

Varjo has partnerships with major companies in aerospace, automotive, and other industries for the development of XR solutions.

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