Samsung’s Cutting-Edge XR Tech: Unleashing New Realities

Experience the Next Level of Immersion with Samsung’s Latest XR Technologies – Explore the Future of Reality with AR, MR, and VR Hardware.


Samsung has been making strides in the XR technology space with their latest offerings. Their VR headset, the Samsung Gear VR, provides users with a fully immersive experience. The company has also released the Samsung HMD Odyssey, a mixed reality headset with built-in headphones and dual AMOLED displays. Samsung’s AR efforts include the Samsung AR Emoji, which allows users to create personalized animated emojis, and the Samsung AR Glasses, which offer a hands-free AR experience. The company has also developed the Samsung Exynos VR III, a standalone VR and AR platform that integrates eye-tracking technology for enhanced interactivity. These latest XR technologies from Samsung offer users a range of exciting and immersive experiences.

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Samsung Hardware Highlights & Features

Samsung Gear VR – a mobile-based VR headset compatible with Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Odyssey – a Windows Mixed Reality headset with high-resolution AMOLED displays and integrated spatial audio

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ – an updated version of the Odyssey with improved visual clarity and a more comfortable fit.

Samsung Galaxy AR – a smartphone app that uses AR technology to enable users to place virtual objects in the real world.

Samsung Exynos VR III – a standalone VR headset with eye-tracking, facial expression recognition, and 4K resolution displays.

Samsung Exynos VR II – a standalone VR headset with 4K resolution displays, built-in spatial audio, and 360-degree tracking.

Samsung Exynos VR – a reference design for a standalone VR headset with 4K resolution displays, spatial audio, and 360-degree tracking.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G – a smartphone with support for the Samsung Gear VR and other mobile-based VR applications.

Samsung Gear 360 – a camera that captures 360-degree photos and videos for use in VR and AR applications.

Samsung DeX – a feature that enables users to connect their Samsung smartphones to a monitor and use them like a desktop computer for VR and AR content creation.

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