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Experience a new reality with Sony’s latest XR technologies, including AR, VR, and MR hardware and software solutions for immersive entertainment, gaming, and enterprise


Sony has been at the forefront of XR technologies, particularly in the field of Virtual Reality (VR). The company’s latest VR headset, the PlayStation VR 2, is expected to offer improved resolution and a wider field of view than its predecessor. Sony has also developed a prototype augmented reality (AR) glasses, which can display images and information directly onto the wearer’s field of view. Additionally, the company has been exploring mixed reality (MR) applications through its Spatial Reality Display, which uses eye-tracking and head-position tracking to create a realistic 3D experience without the need for a VR headset. Overall, Sony continues to innovate in the XR space, offering exciting new possibilities for gaming, entertainment, and beyond.

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Sony Hardware Highlights & Features

PlayStation VR – Sony’s VR headset designed for gaming on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

PlayStation Camera – A camera used with the PlayStation VR headset for tracking head and controller movements.

Spatial Reality Display – A 15.6 inch 4K display with eye-tracking technology and the ability to show 3D content without the need for glasses.

360 Reality Audio – A technology that allows users to experience immersive, 360-degree sound through headphones.

SmartEyeglass – AR glasses designed for enterprise use that can display information over the user’s field of vision.

HoloDisplay – A holographic display that projects 3D images without the need for glasses or a headset.

Airpeak – Sony’s drone designed for professional filmmakers, capable of carrying Sony’s Alpha mirrorless cameras.

Xperia 1 III – Sony’s latest smartphone with features geared towards mobile gaming and video recording.

Sony Imaging Edge – A suite of software for processing and editing photos and videos captured on Sony cameras.

Digital Paper – A range of large-format e-ink displays for digital note-taking and document reading.

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