Pico’s Next-Level XR Technologies: Elevating Your Reality Experience


From advanced hand tracking to high-resolution displays and seamless integration, Pico’s latest XR technologies immerse you in a whole new world of limitless possibilities.


Pico is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge XR technologies that redefine our perception of reality. Their latest offerings include an impressive range of AR, MR, and VR hardware, designed to transport users to a world of limitless possibilities. From their sleek and lightweight VR headsets, such as the Neo 3 Pro, to their advanced AR smart glasses, Pico is pushing the boundaries of immersive technology. Their hardware boasts impressive features such as advanced hand tracking, high-resolution displays, and seamless integration, allowing users to experience a whole new level of engagement. With Pico’s latest XR technologies, the future of immersive experiences is closer than ever.

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Pico Hardware Highlights & Features

Pico G2 4K: A standalone VR headset with 4K resolution.

Pico Neo 3: A standalone VR headset with hand tracking and 6DoF controllers.

Pico G2 4K Enterprise: A VR headset designed for enterprise use with high-performance capabilities and remote management capabilities.

Pico Interactive Pen: A tool for easy annotation and interaction with VR content.

Pico Tracking Kit: A tracking solution for Pico VR headsets, enabling full-body tracking.

Pico Goblin 2: A lightweight and affordable VR headset for entry-level users.

Pico Software Development Kit (SDK): A platform for developers to create VR applications for Pico headsets.

Pico Interactive Platform: A cloud-based platform for remote device management and content distribution.

Pico Interactive Engine: A graphics engine optimized for Pico VR headsets, providing high-quality visual performance.

Pico Interactive Store: A curated app store for Pico VR headsets, offering a variety of content and experiences.

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