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VR Training Development Adelaide

Virtual reality is not just for use in game arcades in Adelaide such as the Untethered VR studio. It’s a technology that has a much wider variety of uses in a range of industries across the city. Here we discuss the main types of virtual reality Adelaide, practical applications of the technology and why it could be just what your business needs to grow.

What types of VR services do we offer?

Our team of award winning VR designers, developers and CGI artists can help make your ideas a (virtual) reality. Whether you’d like to create a proof of concept to present to stakeholders or are ready to launch a full blown application to employees or clients then we can help. Give our team a call today and we’ll brainstorm your ideas and help formulate them into a defined plan with clear deliverables.


We specialise in building complex custom VR experiences and applications using the latest in game engine technology such as Unity and Unreal Engine. Bringing the latest in game engine functionality and features to help people experience real world environments. These platforms can then be used for a range of purposes from training and education to marketing and sales.

Why VR?

VR solves a huge problem marketers have around engagement and awareness for the following reasons.


Not only can customers walk or fly freely through the space in a room scale VR experience but they can change finishes to visualise & design their new home.

Save Money

We can build a whole street of virtual display homes for the price it costs to build & maintain one single bricks and mortar home saving thousands of dollars.


Our VR lounges can go to your customers. Easy to set up at new estate openings, events, trade shows, shopping malls, universities, anywhere! Low cost, high impact.

Happy Buyers

Improve the buying process by adding a VR experience and allowing customers to sit in the comfort of your office and walkthrough multiple home designs in minutes.

Looking for Adelaide VR development? Get in touch to discuss ideas of how you can build VR into your marketing plans and reach potential customers in a completely new way.

What are the main types of virtual reality?

There are three main types of virtual reality. These are non-immersive, semi-immersive and fully-immersive simulations each providing a slightly different experience.


Non-immersive simulations are often overlooked for VR Adelaide as they are already so common in everyday life. These are where a computer generated environment is created but users are able to keep control and stay aware of their physical environment. A good example of this would be computer gaming, where whole worlds have been created but the player only views them on a screen and manipulates them using a control stick, mouse or keyboard.


Semi-immersive virtual reality Adelaide provide users with a partially virtual environment. As such, they get the perception of being in a different reality, but also remain connected to their physical surroundings. The realism comes through 3D graphics, known as vertical reality depth, with more detailed graphics resulting in a more immersive feeling. It is often used for an educational experience or training purposes.


Fully-immersive simulations provide the most realistic VR, with sight and sound adding to overall sensation. To experience and interact with fully-immersive virtual reality Adelaide, you need VR glasses or a head mount display (HMD). These provide high-resolution and wide field of view. The display is typically split between the eyes, creating a 3D effect. This type of virtual reality experience has been adapted for games and offering hours of entertainment and fun. However, there is wide potential use in other industries.

Which industries use VR?

As you can see from the above, VR is more than having fun playing games. Multiple Adelaide industries will be able to benefit from a virtual reality experience. This includes the hospitality industry with Adelaide Gaol or the South Austria Museum using the technology to conduct virtual tours as a sample to increase visitors or as a paid experience from anywhere in the world. In hotels guests can see where they will be staying and select the best room based on a VR tour.


Another key industry where VR can play a big role in Adelaide is construction. Virtual reality can make it easier to include every stakeholder in a project from early on in the design process. Architects can create 3D renders that builders, designers, investors and buyers can explore before the construction phase begins. Contractors can spot costly issues early on in the build process, designers can get started on their work, even being able to see what finished versions will look like and select colour schemes – which can be a big help when trying to attract investment and buyers.


To find out more about virtual reality in Adelaide please get in touch with a member of the 3D Walkabout team. We can help you and your business to harness the power of VR in Adelaide, Australia and beyond.

VR for Retail & Commerce

Use a smartphone to allow customers to 'virtually' try an item before buying in their existing surroundings and then connect directly to your online shop to purchase instantly.

VR for Industry & Manufacturing

Improve safety, improve service manuals & instructions, service inspections & verification, operator & assembly work instructions, remote expert guidance and more...

VR for Training & Education

Using AR to educate & train employees or students at any level of education provides an immersive, multi-sensory experience to compliment traditional methods.

VR for Navigation & Way-finding

With the help of internal location beacons AR Smartphone apps can help with way-finding through complex and large spaces with triggered advertising displayed en-route.

VR for Medical & Healthcare

AR apps can deliver real-time information to the treatment area to support diagnosis, surgery and treatment plans plus aid remote training of staff.

VR for the Gaming Industry

Everyone needs a break right? AR games are leading the way in pushing AR technology just as VR has advanced due to the gaming industry growth.

VR for Real Estate & Property

AR apps can act as a virtual guide showcasing a property and informing the future tenant or owner of the highlights and selling points of the space.

VR for Travel & Tourism

AR teleportation apps can literally open a door to anywhere in the world allowing a customer to walk through and experience a new destination.

How can VR help businesses?

If you think about virtual reality Adelaide as a business tool rather than a fun way of playing games then it opens up a lot of doors and possibilities. There are multiple ways that virtual reality is ready to be used for business. For example, property marketing is using virtual walkthroughs of homes in Kilburn, offices in the Pirie Tower and major developments such as those on Kangaroo Island. A VR experience can help clients envisage a new build, remodel or extension.


Virtual reality Adelaide can also help in tourism and leisure businesses. Imagine a boutique hotel on the North Brighton beachside that allows guests the chance to explore and experience the hotel before booking their visit. They can check out the rooms on offer, look around the lobby and leisure facilities, and even enjoy the view from the window.


Virtual reality can also be used for data management, allowing complex financial data to be displayed in a more easy to understand way. As VR tools get more sophisticated they can select information to display in new ways to allow full interaction with data in more effective ways that save time and improve results.


There is potential in recruitment too, with virtual interviews for remote positions set up to encourage a more flowing and less tense interview environment. It can also be used to walk candidates through relevant case studies. The same applies to training, with virtual reality scenarios being capable of replicating real world situations in realistic ways. For example, you could set up an experience to search for a lost child at the Adelaide Oval to train security staff.


Perhaps the most exciting use of virtual reality Adelaide is in customer experiences. Businesses can use virtual reality to sell their goods and services to the world. Using VR, businesses can create virtual showrooms so customers can experience their products, you can allow virtual ‘test drives’ and even use virtual staff to make sales at all hours of the day and night. With more commerce-focused technology hitting the shelves all the time, expect this to become a more common way to sell in the future.

Get in touch to discuss ideas of how you can build VR into your Adelaide business marketing plans and reach potential customers in a completely new way. We are available for demos and presentations.