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Virtual Reality Brisbane. Virtual reality is a technology that has suffered more from the hype cycle than perhaps any other. Early demonstrations and cinematic use promised a future where we could all step inside an alternate universe, living out our dreams and fantasies in any way we wanted to. These first glimpses of the technology in the 1980s and 90s were just ideas of what might happen. The reality of that capability is still one for the future.


However, as a result, virtual reality was written off as a flash in the pan. A silly idea that would never come to fruition. But as you’ll see, VR Brisbane is making an impact in businesses in the city. Maybe not in the way the movies would have had us believe but in far more practical, useful and down to earth ways such as demonstrating how the Queen’s Wharf Precinct will look when completed.

Brisbane leader in VR development

Expert team of 3D modellers, & game engine developers

Specialists in real-time rendered VR applications

Premium quality at very affordable prices

Experts in 360 Stereocopic rendering for VR headsets

Specialist developers for all Oculus & HTC Vive headsets

Experience with VR applications across all industries

Group based VR applications for training & education

What types of VR services do we offer?

Our team of award winning VR designers, developers and CGI artists can help make your ideas a (virtual) reality. Whether you’d like to create a proof of concept to present to stakeholders or are ready to launch a full blown application to employees or clients then we can help. Give our team a call today and we’ll brainstorm your ideas and help formulate them into a defined plan with clear deliverables.


We specialise in building complex custom VR experiences and applications using the latest in game engine technology such as Unity and Unreal Engine. Bringing the latest in game engine functionality and features to help people experience real world environments. These platforms can then be used for a range of purposes from training and education to marketing and sales.

Why VR?

VR solves a huge problem marketers have around engagement and awareness for the following reasons.


Not only can customers walk or fly freely through the space in a room scale VR experience but they can change finishes to visualise & design their new home.

Save Money

We can build a whole street of virtual display homes for the price it costs to build & maintain one single bricks and mortar home saving thousands of dollars.


Our VR lounges can go to your customers. Easy to set up at new estate openings, events, trade shows, shopping malls, universities, anywhere! Low cost, high impact.

Happy Buyers

Improve the buying process by adding a VR experience and allowing customers to sit in the comfort of your office and walkthrough multiple home designs in minutes.

Get in touch to discuss ideas of how you can build VR into your marketing plans and reach potential customers in a completely new way.

Why is virtual reality important?

Essentially, virtual reality is important because it is the technology of the future but is happening today. You might have seen virtual reality on TV, with people wearing sensory gloves and headsets experiencing wild and exciting fully-immersive experiences in other worlds. The truth is that we are a way off that (although some of that technology is being pioneered as we speak). However, virtual reality already has an incredible amount of practical applications in the actual world.


VR is already being used in computer games and enables players to immerse in the experience using headsets and headphones. There are applications in medicine and education, with training being a particularly useful area for virtual reality use. It is possible to create virtual learning environments that would not be possible in real life – for example in training staff at the Gabba to deal with crowd control and emergencies.


There are entertainment and cultural advantages. Just imagine taking a VR tour of the Museum of Brisbane or Gallery or Modern Art and being able to interact with the exhibits and learn in a new way. But perhaps the most practical uses are currently in architecture, property and construction industries.


Virtual reality can help to bridge the gap between architects and builders, allowing more accurate and immersive interpretations of designs to prevent miscommunication and identify any issues at an early stage. In fact, all stakeholders in a design or build project can be brought on board early on, without having to wait to the later stages before they can offer input.


Estate agents can use a virtual reality experience to help give potential buyers a much clearer picture of what they can purchase. Rather than having to look at two dimensional plans or even small scale 3D models, a virtual render can allow buyers to ‘step inside’ a potential property in Hawthorne or Pullenvale, look around and get a feel for the space and layout. The designs can even be altered to reflect colour schemes, personal taste and more building emotional attachments.


Real use cases for VR…

VR for Retail & Commerce

Use a smartphone to allow customers to 'virtually' try an item before buying in their existing surroundings and then connect directly to your online shop to purchase instantly.

VR for Industry & Manufacturing

Improve safety, improve service manuals & instructions, service inspections & verification, operator & assembly work instructions, remote expert guidance and more...

VR for Training & Education

Using AR to educate & train employees or students at any level of education provides an immersive, multi-sensory experience to compliment traditional methods.

VR for Navigation & Way-finding

With the help of internal location beacons AR Smartphone apps can help with way-finding through complex and large spaces with triggered advertising displayed en-route.

VR for Medical & Healthcare

AR apps can deliver real-time information to the treatment area to support diagnosis, surgery and treatment plans plus aid remote training of staff.

VR for the Gaming Industry

Everyone needs a break right? AR games are leading the way in pushing AR technology just as VR has advanced due to the gaming industry growth.

VR for Real Estate & Property

AR apps can act as a virtual guide showcasing a property and informing the future tenant or owner of the highlights and selling points of the space.

VR for Travel & Tourism

AR teleportation apps can literally open a door to anywhere in the world allowing a customer to walk through and experience a new destination.

What is a VR experience?

Computing has always been a mediated environment. You pass information back and forth through screens, keyboards and other interfaces. Virtual reality shatters this interface and allows users to immerse themselves in experiences where they can interact with a simulated world all around them. They can see in all directions, as in the real world, and their actions in this virtual realm can have consequences too.


Here in Brisbane, VR experiences could be taking a tour of a virtual apartment for sale in Albany Creek or working with a designer could mock up interiors for a Kangaroo Point cafe for the client to choose between. Use it to virtually ‘test drive’ a product in the Queen Street Mall or understand potential surgery options in Mater Hospital. The current and future VR experience is finally starting to live up to the hype.


Virtual reality vs Augmented reality

Virtual reality differs from the augmented reality (AR) experience in that it is completely immersive. Where AR overlays digital ideas and images onto everyday life, a virtual reality experience is a 100% simulated environment. You can play games, explore spaces, interact and more. Everything you see has been designed and rendered as a digital 3D image.


While VR and AR are different, there is a combination of the two called Mixed Reality. This hybrid technology makes it possible to see virtual objects in the your actual surroundings and build environments that are practically indistinguishable.


To find out more about VR, AR and mixed reality, you can get in touch with a member of our team here at 3D Walkabout. We specialise in creating virtual experiences that have practical and real world applications for Brisbane businesses. If you’re interested in VR in Brisbane, then we look forward to hearing from you.

Get in touch to discuss ideas of how you can build VR into your marketing plans and reach potential customers in a completely new way. We are available for demos and presentations.