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VR Training Melbourne

Once purely in the realm of science fiction, virtual reality is here and has a host of potential applications for business across the city of Melbourne. Have you only seen virtual reality in the movies? Well this innovative VR technology could change and improve how you do business. Virtual reality, or VR, is the computer generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment or image where users can interact to have realistic experiences. It requires the use of specialist equipment, which either means a gaming computer with VR headset and controllers or one of the new standalone headsets like the VR Cosmos and Oculus Quest. The technology allows the user to feel totally immersed within their environment and able to influence and affect their surroundings.


As you can imagine, there is big potential for VR in gaming – allowing players to feel more involved in the virtual environment. But it also has many possible business and leisure applications as VR can provide an immersive reality experience without the user having to be there in person. Just imagine being able to visit the galleries at Federation Square from the comfort of your own home. Or exploring some of Melbourne’s most famous tourist attractions like the Royal Botanic Gardens – but without the crowds or bad weather to contend with.


From a business perspective, Melbourne VR allows you to add an extra dimension to your operation. It has enormous potential in the world of training and data visualisation. Furniture giants IKEA have used VR in Australia to allow customers to visualise kitchen designs and see how certain products would look in their homes. Realtors can show off homes to potential buyers in Toorak, St Kilda or Malvern without physically having to be there.

How does virtual reality work?

The key to how virtual reality works lies in the complete separation from the ‘real world’ around us. So VR headsets cut off the surrounding environment and put one (or two) screens directly in front of the eyes to create a 3D environment.


A minimum frame rate of 60fps is needed for an immersive VR experience along with a speedy refresh rate. There also needs to be a 100 degree field of view, although 180 degrees is preferred. To trick the brain into believing it is real the latency rate, which is the time gap between an action from the user and a response on the screen, should be less than 20 milliseconds .


These factors work to create an immersive virtual reality experience. It is up to you whether you use it to play games, train staff, visit locations or market great new products.

Why VR?

VR solves a huge problem Melbourne marketers have around engagement and awareness for the following reasons.


Not only can customers walk or fly freely through the space in a room scale VR experience but they can change finishes to visualise & design their new home.

Save Money

We can build a whole street of virtual display homes for the price it costs to build & maintain one single bricks and mortar home saving thousands of dollars.


Our VR lounges can go to your customers. Easy to set up at new estate openings, events, trade shows, shopping malls, universities, anywhere! Low cost, high impact.

Happy Buyers

Improve the buying process by adding a VR experience and allowing customers to sit in the comfort of your office and walkthrough multiple home designs in minutes.

Get in touch to discuss ideas of how you can build VR into your Melbourne business’ marketing plans and reach potential customers in a completely new way.

What is virtual reality used for?

We’ve given you a quick snapshot above of what VR can be used for. But to be honest, that’s not even scratched the surface of this constantly evolving technology. Virtual reality has an ever-expanding set of innovative applications in the real world.


As well as providing hours of fun with VR gaming it could also be used to save lives at The Alfred and St Vincent’s Hospitals. That’s because VR has multiple uses in medical education and training. VR has been used to help patients manage their pain and can give a virtual reality experience of treatments and operations.


Pioneering VR has also been used to help paralysed patients regain some movement and sensation. That’s because the VR experience speaks to our brains in the same way as the real world, except we have more control over it. This technology will be built upon and rolled out worldwide in the coming years.


VR in Melbourne also has many uses where real life training is considered too much of a risk. Such as learning how to fight wildfires or handling a terrorist incident at the MCG.


It could also be used to remote train people in fields like engineering and manufacturing. In the current world where travel limitations look set to be in place for some time, this can be an invaluable tool. You can create a virtual reality experience from your Melbourne base, and users worldwide can benefit from the full impact of VR training.


Add in uses for property, fitness, virtual exhibitions, promotion and product design and you start to see how using virtual reality in Melbourne could help your business grow.


What industries are using virtual reality?

Early adopter businesses have seen the potential of VR and will reap the benefits. As mentioned above, the global healthcare industry is making valuable and compelling use of its potential. Some tourist attractions including Old Melbourne Gaol, as well as escape room attractions, are already beginning to use VR technology to enhance customer experiences. However, here in Melbourne, property, hospitality, manufacturing and retail could benefit from its potential.


From healthcare professionals at The Alfred to tourists at the Old Melbourne Gaol and cricket fans at the MCG, VR looks set to have a big impact on Melbourne’s future. If you would like to harness the power of virtual reality for your business, then get in touch with us here at 3D Walkabout.

VR for Retail & Commerce

Use a smartphone to allow customers to 'virtually' try an item before buying in their existing surroundings and then connect directly to your online shop to purchase instantly.

VR for Industry & Manufacturing

Improve safety, improve service manuals & instructions, service inspections & verification, operator & assembly work instructions, remote expert guidance and more...

VR for Training & Education

Using AR to educate & train employees or students at any level of education provides an immersive, multi-sensory experience to compliment traditional methods.

VR for Navigation & Way-finding

With the help of internal location beacons AR Smartphone apps can help with way-finding through complex and large spaces with triggered advertising displayed en-route.

VR for Medical & Healthcare

AR apps can deliver real-time information to the treatment area to support diagnosis, surgery and treatment plans plus aid remote training of staff.

VR for the Gaming Industry

Everyone needs a break right? AR games are leading the way in pushing AR technology just as VR has advanced due to the gaming industry growth.

VR for Real Estate & Property

AR apps can act as a virtual guide showcasing a property and informing the future tenant or owner of the highlights and selling points of the space.

VR for Travel & Tourism

AR teleportation apps can literally open a door to anywhere in the world allowing a customer to walk through and experience a new destination.

Get in touch to discuss ideas of how you can build VR into your Melbourne business and reach potential customers in a completely new way. We are available for demos and presentations.